10 Design Ideas for Your Dream Loft


10 Design Ideas for Your Dream Loft

You will definitely want to live in your loft once you see these ideas!

The Library Loft


Pretty much the ultimate way to show off your books ? and how smart you are. You need and whole lost to fit all the knowledge sitting inside your head.

The Cozy Nook Loft


This loft is so cute, you really will want to curl up and spend all day reading your favourite books.

The Woodsy and Warm Cabin Loft


This probably isn?t the safest with candles everywhere but look how amazing it is! Ambiance over safety right?!

The Kids? Loft



If you want cool, hip, happening children ? you?ve gotta start them young! This children?s loft is perfect in every way.

The Botanical Loft


 Turn your loft into a greenhouse ? why the hell not?!

The Enchanted Canopy Loft



 Because why can?t I wake up every morning and feel like the Princess Bride?!





The Spiral Staircase Loft


This is actually a dream loft.

The Exposed Beam Loft


 Exposed beams ? they give a lovely geometry to an open space.




The Gated Loft


A good idea, especially for those who don?t want to fall out of their loft bed.









The Spartan Loft













Good idea if you have too many kids, or you?re trying to start a halfway house.