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10 Money Saving Tips

10 Supermarket Shopping Tips

If you forget your list and you have your trolley ready at the supermarket- it?s easy to get distracted and spend loads of money. Here?s 10 tips to help your shopping experience a cheaper one!

 Be Wary of Special Deals



Wandering round the supermarkets you will see hundreds of special offers- but be wary of buying something just because it is on offer. Always check deals carefully to make sure you?re truly getting a bargain before you put it in the trolley.

Join supermarket loyalty point clubs

UK shopper's retail loyalty and reward cards


Collect points, receive vouchers and spend vouchers. You can collect points on almost everything you buy-in-store and they will save you money in the long run.

Join supermarkets mum?s clubs



Join Tesco Baby & Toddler Club to get exclusive offers, discounts and free glossy magazines, which include Clubcard coupons. With Sainsbury?s Little Ones you?ll get a free Huggies Mum & baby bundle and with ASDA Baby & Toddler Club they offer you a free Huggies new-born starter kit and free monthly newsletters.

Compare Prices



Every week, compare websites updated with new prices each week. Compare prices www.mysupermarket.co.uk ? enter the items you normally buy into your trolley online and you can see which supermarket will be cheaper for you.

Learn Supermarket Tricks



Supermarkets spread the items that you buy the most around the shop so you have to walk past the other items to get to them. They even play relaxing music to put you in a good mood. Don?t fall for the tricks!

Take a List & Stick to It



Don?t impulse by and never shop when you are hungry. Buy exactly what you need and you will save a fortune.

Try Downshifting



Money Saving Experts have a trick that could save you £800 a year. Swap one item of everything you buy with the supermarkets own brand. You will find in most supermarkets the expensive items are at eye-level- look above and below and see what offers are out there!

Use Discount Vouchers & Cashback Deals



Use cashback deals and vouchers to save you money on your shopping. You?ll often find deals for £10 off an online shop of£50 or 2.5% cashback on all purchases.

Shop Without Kids & Leave Yourself Time



If the children are with you whilst shopping, it?s easier to get tempted to buy things you don?t need and you want to get out of there as quick as possible. Leave the children with your partner, friends or babysitter and you will notice the difference- they can?t pester you during shopping to buy extra items you don?t need.

Use a Meal Planner



Download a meal planner online- choose your recipes and then buy exact ingredients- nothing more, nothing less. You can do the same with children?s lunchboxes. Just add basic products and you?re done.