12 Fantastic Ways to Save By Swapping And Sharing


12 Ways To Save By Swapping And Sharing

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra nowadays, and for more than one good reason. Not only does going green keep junk out of land fills, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect the environment, it’s quite thrifty, too. Here are some tips on how your family can save a bit of cash, or even your precious time by helping others in your community do the same.

1. Have a swishing party


Wouldn’t it be nice to refresh your wardrobe without thinning your purse? At swishing.com, you can find a party in your neighborhood where you can trade your gently used clothing and accessories for something else another girl might be tired of. It’s eco-fabulous!

2. Uniform exchange

If your kids wear a school uniform, it can be costly to purchase new ones every year as they grow. Talk with some other parents and the school office to organize a two day exchange. Tickets are awarded for each item, and parents return the next day to shop with those tickets. It would take a lot of sorting, but volunteers get first pick of the booty.

3. Free Stuff


The website freecycle.org is a wonderful resource to unload or acquire almost anything from household items to concert tickets. Just register with a group in your area, and daily emails are sent with offers or requests.

4. Carpool

For those of us who have to commute, ride sharing is an excellent option. Planning a carpool with work or school mates is ideal, but if that doesn’t pan out, consider liftshare.com as a very good alternative.

5. Borrow ideas from abroad


In Mexico, some people participate in what is called a ?tanda?, as a form of saving and lending money. For ten weeks, ten families pay an agreed amount to a designated ?banker?, and each week, one family has a turn to be gifted the whole amount. This system is especially useful to those first on the list if urgent bills need to be paid, but the paycheck still hasn’t come in yet. You’d have to be very consistent though, or others will be disappointed when it’s their turn.

6. Swap babysitting

This only works with someone you truly trust, but if you have a neighbour or fellow school parent who would be willing to take the kiddos for your date night or kid-free shopping trip, you can return the favor someday.

7. Cheap Travel

For the adventurous type, couchsurfing.org is an online community of travelers around the globe. You must be open to accept visitors to your couch from time to time who will give you plenty of notice when the request is made. An online social media profile is created where you can rate others on your experiences with them, either as visitors or hosts.

8. Timebanks


Have you ever wished you could trade your carpentry skills for piano lessons? Consider signing up at a skills swapping website like letslinkuk.net

9. Food Swap

Did you make way too much strawberry jam? Swap it for some baked goods.  foodswapnetwork.com is a good place to start

10. Swap some Seeds


gardenswapshop.co.uk is just one of the many resources to exchange plants and seeds with other gardeners.

11. Too many books

Sharing books with friends and neighbours is a great idea, or you can swap globally with sites like bookmooch.com or readitswapit.co.uk

12. Don’t forget Fido


Paying for board and care for your pet can get costly, so exchanging petsitting with other people is a good choice if your animal can get along with others. Try a test run for a few hours before you leave on holiday to iron out any glitches little Fluffy may encounter.