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13 Inspiring Outdoor Activities for Kids

13 Inspiring Outdoor Activities for Kids

Nature Craft



Find leaves and flowers in the garden that look pretty. Buy some non-sticky side of the Con-Tact paper to the table. Remove the paper backing. Get your children to stick the leaves and petals to the paper. Viola! Nature collage.

 Forest Fun



 Go to a local forest and have so much fun. Make mud pies and get creative with twigs and sticks.

Playing in the Mud



Mud has actually been documented to boost a children immune system. Make a mud pie with gooey mud and season well with pebbles, twigs and grit. Splash in the biggest muddy puddle, dig and most importantly- enjoy yourself!

 Bird Feeders



 Not only is this a great thing to do for birds, it?s fun to make with your children! Pour ½ cup of water into a plastic bowl and 1 cup of seed and mix well. Cut 2 strips of ribbon and tie together on one end, place the knotted end in water. Freeze overnight, use ribbon to hang on tree.

Learn Colours Through Nature



A great way to teach your children colours and get them out the house. Get some felt colour shapes and get your children to find objects in the garden that match each colour.

Learning about Animal Camouflage



Children love a good scavenger hunt. Create a camouflage frog hunt- educational and fun! Get some frog cut outs and colour them in all different colours. Cut them out and hide them around the garden. Green frogs in the grass etc. Set the timer for 1 minute and let your children search.

Puddle Jumping



Classic childhood activity that improves coordination, balance, motor skills and moods. After a rainy day- get the waterproofs on and take the children puddle jumping.

 Gigantic Bubbles



Any day is a good day to play with bubbles, make your own at home and go outside and play! Combine 4 cups of distilled water, 1 cup of regular water, dishwasher soap and ¼ cup of glycerin. Stir week and allow to rest for 24+ hours.

Animal Hunt



Place toy animals around your garden for an animal hunt- let your children go and search for the animals you have hidden.

 Nature Walks



Whether you live in a city or in the countryside, make time to go to public parks and gardens. It?s refreshing for your children. Let your children walk in front of you, let them take the lead. Start collections, collect interesting items that have fallen and keep them to make some arts & crafts one day. Do the colour match game whilst walking, will stop them from getting bored. Lastly, let them get dirty!




Sticks are the original wooden toy and there are so many things you can do with them. It provides children with a tactile connection to nature and sharpens their fine and gross motor skills. Lifting lots and branches builds strength and confidence. Sticks can become anything in the mind of children; passengers in toy cars, bouncers, ponies and many more!

Water Blasters



In those hot summer months you need to keep children entertained. Get them outside and they can play water-blasting games. Purchase water blasters from local shops and let the fun begin!