14 Ways to Get Green This Valentine?s Day


14 Ways to Get Green This Valentine?s Day


Valentine’s Day has become a horribly shopping-driven holiday that encourages us to commoditfy our relationships and evaluate how much we’re loved by how much someone spends on us. Not to mention that it creates a lot of rubbish from wasteful packaging and cards that may not even make it to the recycling bin.

Make an edible valentine


These will sweeten your valentine?s day without any waste. Consider making homemade sweetheart sugar cookies or chocolate cupcakes with strawberry fillings.

Avoid waste cards


Those singing cards may be charming but they are annoying and awful for the environment.

Recycled Valentine


An old-fashioned, homemade Valentine can be way more meaningful than something you find in a shop. Consider turning scrap paper, pressed flowers or fabrics into cool, handmade cards, gifts or tokens of affection. Like these http://fiveandone.net/blog/?p=3020

Shop your wardrobe


That scarf you?ve never worn? That book you are not going to read again? Consider giving them away as presents.

Think local


If you are going to go present shopping or eating out ? why not consider supporting local businesses instead of big chain restaurants? You could also look for locally made products.

Look for organic flowers


If flowers are a must, look for organically grown options because cut flowers can be drenched in toxic pesticides.

Consider a potted plant


Even better than cut flowers, why not give someone a plant that will last longer than a week? This is ?Desert Rose? they come in pink, white and red.

Choose a sustainable wine


When it comes to picking a wine, look for the organic label or the rainforest alliance seal.

Select Ethical jewellery


Jewellery that comes with a beautiful story is so lovely and if you want to shower your beloved with sparkles ? check out ethical jewellery websites.

Send the perfect GIF


It definitely won?t end up in the rubbish bin.

Be a green lover


You may want to opt for vegan protection to keep things smooth with organic ingredients or have fun with plastic-free play.



Not only does it feel good, its good for your health and its free!







Do something extra nice


Maybe its making dinner for your mum? Or taking the rubbish out. Maybe its just calling a friend you haven?t spoken to in a while ? do something nice for someone. That?s what Valentine ?s Day should really be all about.