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20 Clever Money Tips All New Mums Need to Know

 Love A Bargain

Piggy bank sitting on books in nursery


Embrace the vouchers and supermarket baby clubs. Sign up to money saving and voucher sites and get regular email updates.


Freeze Food 

Man looking in freezer


The average family throws away £700 a year by throwing food. Reduce this by freezing food near its sell-by-date and just defrost when you need it.

Cut Back 



Use Money Advice Service?s calculator to see where you could make savings in your spending.

Give Your Friends A Steer

Friends at Baby Shower


Ask friends for new baby stuff for your baby shower- or check out nearly-new sales on nct.org.uk.

Stay Focused 



Be careful when shopping, beware of the tricks-shops place most common items at the back of the store so you have to walk past expensive items first. Make a list and stay focused.

Save On Nappies

Baby nursery


Supermarkets have 4 brand levels: value, own-brand, name brand and premium. Drop down one brand level and your bill will be cut by a third.


Friends Shopping for Baby Clothes


Seen discounted cots/clothes- buy them a size too big one, your baby will fit into them in a few months. You can even roll us sleeves and legs to fit better.


Allow For Treats

Young woman enjoying a cappuccino


Enjoy guilt free pleasures when your baby has finally dropped off. Focus on saving for big stuff.

Get Tailoring

Measuring Baby's Foot


Shocked by how fast you baby is growing out of his Babygro?s? Snip off the feet to make them last a few more months.

Save On Techno-Toys

Father and daughter (2-3) using tablet pc


If your baby is the only one at nursery not to have a tablet- don?t worry. Toddlers learn more from interactive face-to-face games.

Set Up A Babysitting Circle

Woman giving her daughter to nanny


Create a team with other mum friends, rather than paying for babysitters. Use social media to set up a group and you can let friends know when you are free and vice-versa.

Share Your Childcare

Young woman playing with girls (7-9) in park


Depending on where you live, it could be cheaper to share a child minder than use a nursery. A subscription to nanyshare.co.uk costs £25 for 6 months.

Make Your Own

Cupped hands holding raisins, close-up


Avoid expensive fruit treats, buy bumper bags of raisins instead and portion up in Tupperware pots.


Play Smart

Young girl in hammock with colored balls


 Children wouldn?t know the difference between branded fun parks and your local soft centre- these can be pricey. Check online first.

Limit Your Shop

Mother holding baby and unloading groceries


Eat before your weekly supermarket shop- visiting on an empty stomach makes you buy more- limit your shop to 30 minutes.

Pay As You Go 

Group of young women training yoga in gym, Berkeley, California, USA


If you signed up for an expensive gym membership after you had your baby but can?t remember the last time you went- choose a cheaper option and go for a gym with no contract.

Box Clever

A rich red wine swirls in a glass


As much as mums love wine, you may find you having lingering bottles in the fridge for days. A decent box is cheaper and lasts longer.

No Debt-The Smart Way

Woman using calculator, extreme close-up


It?s tempting to pay off your biggest debt first, but do it by interest rate instead. If small bills have a high interest rate, reducing your overall debt will take longer and cost you more.

Keep A Gift Drawer

Presents Wrapped using Homemade Wrapping Paper made with Kids Crafts


Mums are the worst culprits for giving bad presents, spending far more than we need to. Set up a present basket and collect freebies, sale items and unwanted gifts. Next time its someone?s birthday and you need a present last minute- you have a stash to choose from.


Play For Less

Mother and Children Drawing in Coloring Books


Before you throw away colourful socks and clothes, keep the material back for your craft box. They will come in handy to make toys for your toddler. Egg boxes, sponges and any other interesting spare bits from around the house. Go on- make Mr Maker proud.