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20 DIY Toys Continued

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20 DIY Toys…Continued

Easyshed have put together a list of the most fun 20 DIY toys you can make at home as a family!

Balloon Pit Fun



Assemble 2 sets of Nanny Panels and dump balloons inside- viola!


Junk Jam Music Game



Children love noise. Combine music and rubbish and create music. You will need: plastic bottles, string, sticks. Tie the string around the handle or neck of the bottles. Use glue to secure the string. Hang from hooks or branches. To make a drumstick- take a stick and put a cotton ball on one end and wrap with tape. Fill some bottles with water and objects to make different sounds.

Eight Legged Creatures


Adventures of Adam suggests,  Cut 8 holes in an old beach hat and push the branches through. They gave the spider a 3D effect for the body. Make the spiders head out of black card and place on a stool. Use old toilet rolls that have been covered in black tissue paper and thread them onto the branches.

Cardboard Roads

cardboard roads

Play & Learn Everyday suggests making cardboard roads- find an old cardboard box, stretch it out and draw roads and traffic lights on it- your child can then drive along the roads.

 Frozen Biscuit Sheet Hockey


The Tot Life suggests Hockey – place a biscuit tray in the freezer then add water- freeze. Cut cup in half, gen pennies and lolly pop sticks. Play and enjoy!

Felt Board


Buggy and Buddy suggests make your own felt board. You need: framed cork board, large piece of felt, adhesive spray, scissors, knife and push pins. You need to place cork board on the floor, lay your piece of felt over the board- lining up two of the sides exactly, use the push pins to hold your felt in place, use scissors to cut off excess. Use your knife to cut your felt into the perfect shape, find a well-ventilated area to spray adhesive. Place your felt, sticky side down onto the cork board lining it up perfectly. Go round the edges pushing until the felt lines up.   Let it dry and you are ready to go!



Danya Banya suggests making rainsticks- they can be shaken like a maraca. You will need, cylinders, tape, hammer, nails, fillers and a helper! Nail in the nails alongside the sides of each cylinders at random locations- the more nails the better. Add your filers, jasmine rice or penne pasta works very well.  Seal the ends of containers (only if your container doesn?t have a lid). Make cardboard paintings and decorate the rainsticks, holding in place with a rubber band. Ta Da!

Waldolf Dolls


Healthy Mama says make Waldorf dolls to keep your children entertained. You can do this pretty simply and cheaply. You can knit your doll?s body in any colour you wish- you can buy doll?s clothes on eBay if you wish. For the hair, use bulky, roving like yawn. Simple thread a loop of the chosen hair yarn, folded into two through holes. Use crayons on the cheeks to make them pink. Embroider the facial features.

 Find It Bottles


We Made That suggests making Find It Bottles- the hard part is finding the stuff to put in the bottles, it has to be little stuff. You will need: clear bottle, dry rice, small toys, funnel, glue gun, camera, white paper and yarn or string. Decide what toys you are going to put in your bottle and lay them out onto a sheet of white paper and take a photo. Print out the photo and use laminating sheets to protect it. Fill your bottle with rice and small toys, once you have the stuff in the bottle- use your glue gun to glue the top on. Punch a hole in the photo and tie it to the bottle. This will let the children know what they need to find in the bottle.

DIY Woolly Monsters


Laughing Kids Learn suggests making Woolly Monsters ? perfect for imaginative play. You will need: wool (preferably colour changing wool), biscuit cutters, scissors, googly eyes and sticky tape or hot glue gun. Firstly, use your biscuit cutter as a frame and start wrapping the wool.  Once you?ve wrapped as much as possible- slide the wool off and tie a separate piece of wool around the middle. Using scissor snip the loops at one end. The multi-coloured wool helps the monster base look so good! Use some sticky tape or a glue gun add the googly eyes. To make a mini monster: wrap wool around a fork, slip the piece of wool between the prongs and tie together and repeat previous process.

Marble Run


 Powerful Mothering suggests making a tower marble run. You will need: 11 toilet rolls, cardboard base, tape, paint, glue, and marbles. Firstly, tape the rolls together with tape, to connect them cut long ways and tape them together to make shoots. Next, cut holes in the towers for the shoots to rest in, making sure it?s tilted slightly. For the base- use a side of cardboard box, marked the towers out, then glued them down overnight to dry. The next evening paint the towers, shoots and based. Use the glue gun to secure the shoots in place.

Fishing Game


 Mothers Messy Madness has a blog full of children?s toys but this particular one is called The Fishing Game. You need to cut a selection of brightly coloured fish from card and put in metal split pins for the eyes- then make the fishing rod by sellotaping a magnet onto a cork and a metal staple hammered into the other end. String was tied to the staple and you can decorate it with small beads. Use blue felt to make a pond. Put some numbers on the back of the dish- take it in turns to catch a fish and the person with the highest number at the end wins.

 Velcro Chain


Laughing Kids Learn suggests making Velcro chains. You can buy different coloured Velcro bands from shops. Simply buy as many different colours as you want and tie them together. Simple and helps your child?s motor skills.

Magic Tree House


Mothers Messy Madness came up with this fun activity! You just need to print the template out from http://spoonful.com/crafts/make-tree-house and cut it out and stick it together. Use Lego characters to make up stories.

Humpty Dumpty


Lets Play Kids Music suggests making your very own Humpty Dumpty. You need: a baby grow, vest socks and wadding. Cut the arms and legs off the baby grow and sew down the sides of each to form Humpty?s arms. Attach the socks at end of the feet and stuff- make little mittens from the vest sleeves and attach to end of the arms. Secure the top ends of the legs by gathering them together securely and edge the seam at the top of each arm. Cut an oval shape, top half out of vest and bottom half out of baby grow. Working on the body inside out- sew up the vest and end of the head. Join the top and bottom together with a seam around the middle. Sew across the bottom edge of the oval between the legs. Turn humpty around the right way and generously fill the body with stuffing. Insert the pre-stuffed legs into the 2 openings and neatly sew up. Use buttons for eyes and chains of different colour wools for rosy cheeks and mouth.

Velcro Dot Craft Sticks


Powerful Mothering suggests making these Velcro Dot Craft Sticks. You will need: craft sticks and Velcro dots. Attach Velcro dots to every send of the stick. Making sure you use the same size dot for the other side. Viola! So many shapes can be made by sticking them all together.

Cardboard Box Fun


Again back to Mothers Messy Madness she makes many different things including these fun cardboard boxes. Use old cardboard boxes for so many fun activities- make them into castles, boats and even a plane!

Peppa Pig Finger Puppets


Back to Danya Banya again she suggets making Peppa Pig Finger Puppets! All you need is a pink washing up glove, permanent markers in different colours and scissors. Pretty simply just draw the peppa pig family on each finger.

Recycled Chalkboard Toys


B-Inspired Mama came up with these lovely chalkboard toys! You just need some recyclables, black chalkboard paint and colourful chalk. Wash and dry the recyclables, paint them with black chalkboard paint and let dry- let the kids transform them with some colourful chalk. Done!

Dinosaur Lolly Stick


 Artsy Momma suggest this fun Dinosaur Lolly Picture- you need: 4 x 6 dinosaur image, lollypop sticks, Mod Podge paintbrush and a razor blade. You have to place the dinosaur image upside-down on a piece of newspaper and spread Mod Podge over the entire area. Then take the lollypop sticks and place them side-by-side until all of it was covered. Next flip it over and number each craft stick-then spread Mod Podge over the entire front and set aside to dry. When it?s finished drying- used a razor blade to cut through each piece and you?re ready to let your child play with it! They can have great fun finding which number comes next.