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5 Christmas Decorations Made From Recycled Materials
With enough know-how and a little imagination, you can create amazing Christmas crafts from recycled materials. If you’re not convinced, check out these projects for some inspiration. From homemade Christmas ornaments to kids crafts to mini books and more, you’ll love making these crafts from the contents of your recycling bin.
Coffee Filter Snowflakes


You?ll need:

Round, white coffee filters

Kid-safe scissors

Krylon glitter spray

Purple Cow Laminator & laminating sheets (optional)

Decorative edge scissors


  1. Fold coffee filter in half.
  2. Fold that into thirds.
  3. Fold that in half.
  4. Cut on top, tip, and on folded edges.
  5. Open and be amazed!

Yoghurt Bottle Snowmen


You need:

  • empty yoghurt drink bottles
  • air drying clay
  • black paintsmall soft drink or water bottle lids (one for every bottle you are making)
  • permanent markers (red, black and orange)
  • felt (we used red)
  • scissors
  • strong glue
  • googly eyes
  • treats for inside your snowman


After washing and drying our bottles we stripped off the labels ready for decorating.
To make our snowmans hat glue a smaller water bottle lid to the top of the larger yoghurt bottle lid and paint black.
Make the snowmen noses from air drying clay the night before and we just glued them on. You could also use mini pompoms, paper, playdough, plastacine, beads – anything you like really.
Next glue on the googly eyes and cut simple felt scarves for our snowmen. The scarves are just strips of felt with lots of little cuts at either end.
Christmas Night Sky On A Bottle
You need:
  • One large bottle
  • A set of old fairy lights
  • Blue acrylic paint;
  • Black paint – preferably spray paint but acrylic should work fine
  • Sharpie pen – black;
  • One small iron candle or plant holder (depending on your jar’s/ bottle’s size)


Paint the entire exterior of the bottle with the blue paint. Depending on the quality of your acrylic paint, you will have to add two or three coats until it?s fully covered. Don?t forget to let dry in between, or you might either get acrylic paint on your hands or worse ruin the foundation for further work on the Christmas Painted Bottle Project. Spray two or three layers black paint at the bottleneck and work your way a little bit upwards just like shown in the picture. Once again let it dry for 10 minutes before you add a new coat. Once the paint is dry use the sharpie pen to draw the Christmas trees or any other pictures you light like. Personally, I keep thinking ornamental drawings would also make pretty neat decoration. Before you jam your twinkle lights in the bottle make sure to check if they work properly. Don?t forget to leave enough electrical cord out, so you can place the bottle on the plant holder and plug it in effortlessly.

That?s about it, now all you have to do is dim the lights in the room. Have fun!

Cork & Paper Ball Ornament


You need:

  • Clear plastic ball ornament
  • 15 wine corks
  • Wrapping paper scraps
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge


Cut wrapping paper into rectangles approximately 3? by 1?. One wrapping paper rectangle per cork. Apply Mod Podge around the middle of the wine cork. Wrap paper rectangle around the wine cork so that the short ends overlap. Add a small amount of mod Podge to the overlapping edge so that all wrapping paper adheres securely around the cork. Allow to dry completely. Mod Podge over the paper for a clear finish. Allow to dry completely. Remove ornament top. Insert wine corks into the clear plastic ball ornament. Replace ornament top.
Snowmen Light Bulbs
You need:
  • Light Bulb
  • White Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Acrylic Paint/ T-Shirt Paint
  • Rope, String, Ribbon ( to make the tie)


Before getting started have paper set up or a bowl ready to catch the unused glitter. Tie your choice of ribbon, rope, or string around the metal portion of the light bulb.  Spray the adhesive over every inch of glass on the light bulb (make sure the light bulb is fully covered to prevent ?bald spots?).  Sprinkle glitter over the gluey light bulb. LET DRY (usually takes 2-3 hours depending on the brand of glue). After the snowman is fully dry, you can begin to paint on a face. A snowman needs two eyes, a carrot nose, and some buttons but is not limited to just that! GET CREATIVE. After you have painted the snowman let him dry & before you know it?you have a cool and cute little light bulb snowman.

Cardboard Snowmen Ornaments


You need:

  • Sand (snowman faces)
  • Honey Brown (noses)
  • Deep Burgundy (Santa hat, black hat band, holly berries)
  • Hauser Dark Green (holly leaves)
  • Baby Pink (cheeks)
  • Lamp Black (Top hat, eyes, mouths)
  • Sand + White (Santa cap?s pom pom and brim)
  • White (splatter)


First draw the shapes for the ornaments, using the photo as a guide.  Once you are comfortable with the paint, go ahead and paint all the pieces. While they are drying, cut the holly leaves from an old silk plant using felt or fabric. Place the holly leaves on a scrap piece of cardboard and paint them green. After everything is painted it is time to splatter. If you?ve never splattered before, there?s nothing to it. Just thin some white paint with water, dip a toothbrush in it, dab off excess on a soft cloth, then drag your finger across the bristles. You should always do a practice run on something before hitting your actual project. Now to put it all together! The dots come in a roll, so you just cut off a section with a dot so you can work with it by itself. Don?t touch the sticky dot, instead press the dot using the plastic backing, onto the surface where you want the dot to stay. Apply some pressure, then peel the plastic backing off and the dot will stay in place. Then you can press the item onto whatever you want it to adhere to. After you?d put everything together using the dots, add the final details. You can add the holly berries using the handle end of a paintbrush. To add the smiles, squeeze some instant grab glue onto your scrap cardboard, then dip both ends of the smile into the glue. Then place it on the snowman?s face. Use a small scruffy paintbrush to dab on the pink cheeks. Use the handle end of the paintbrush dipped in black paint to dot on the eyes. For the hangers I used that same floral wire, the first one I just created a loop, twisting the ends and rolled that twisted end in instant grab glue. Then I inserted that into the cardboard at the top of the snowman?s black hat.