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5 Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is probably everyone?s favorite time of the year. What better way to celebrate this holiday than with creative handmade Christmas gifts that can be made at home or in your garden workshop.

Reindeer Cushions


These would a great gift for grandparents, parents or friends! Simply get a plain white cushion cover, some brown paint, glue, some ribbon and googly eyes. Firstly, get your kids to put their hands and feet in the brown paint and place them onto the white cushion in the shape of a reindeer, glue on the googly eyes and the ribbon in shape of a bow-tie & viola!

Reindeer Root Beer Bottles


These are so cute, for the older person – a friend. You need: pipe cleaners, googly eyes and red pom-poms. Wrap brown pipe cleaners around the top of the bottle, then stick the googly eyes and the red pom pom nose on with hot glue.

Christmas Kitchen Towels


You need:

  • Towels to embellish
  • Trim
  • Thread to match trim
  • Fray check
  • Scissors and basic  sewing supplies
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron


Pin trim to the towel using a ruler to make sure each row is straight. Tuck them about 1/2? under on each side of the towel. Stitch each row in place. Trim threads carefully. Use fray check or another anti-fray product on the trim?s raw edges. Wash and dry towels. Iron them and tie two together to gift. I?m in love with the red gingham ruffled trim.

Chalkboard Coasters


You need:

  • plain 4×4? tiles
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint brushes
  • buttons
  • felt
  • tacky glue (or hot glue)
  • chalk
  • ribbon & gift tag for packaging

Start by painting the front and sides of tiles with a thin layer of chalkboard paint. then smooth out the paint and touched up any spots they had missed. Don?t worry if it doesn?t cover on the first coat.  You will need at least 3 coats of paint.  Let dry at least 3 hours or so between coats. After your final coat of paint, let tiles dry completely so that paint can cure?at least 24 hours.Wipe the chalkboards clean with a dry paper towel; if they seem too dusty you can wet it just a little. Select your buttons.  The girls had a blast with this step?mommy?s buttons are usually off limits.  We decided to put one button on each corner, and to do each tile with just one color. Lay out the buttons how you want them to look on the tiles, then glue in place.  We used tacky glue so that the girls could do it themselves, but hot glue would probably work too and dries a LOT faster.  The tacky glue takes forever to dry! Using a tile as a size guide, cut out squares of felt then glue to the backs of the tile.  Let dry completely?be sure to keep the chalkboard side down and the felt side up while they are drying or it will take a lot longer.  You know they are dry when no condensation forms on the tiles when you stack them.

DIY Christmas Crackers


You need:

  • Paper Towel Tubes
  • Freezer Paper, Parchment Paper, or Wax Paper
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Cracker Snaps
  • Ribbon, cut into 12 inch pieces
  • Contents: Tissue Paper for Hats, Paper to Print Jokes, Trinkets, and More
  • Other: golf balls to assist in wrapping your crackers


Let?s get started. To get the ?pop!? you?ll need to order the popping strips for a few dollars. Here is the site I used. You could easily skip this step and add bells for some noise but it?s fun to have two people pull on opposite ends of the popper and then the winner is whoever is left with the longer end (similar to a turkey wishbone). Use paper towel tubes to support the shape of the cracker. You could also buy tubing at the craft store. Cut your tubes in half so that each is about 5 1/2 inches long. This layer also adds stiffness to the wrapping paper so that it is less likely to rip when you tie the ends. Cut the freezer paper and your wrapping paper into rectangles about 12 inches by 6 inches. Roll up the freezer paper and insert it inside the tube. Next wrap the wrapping paper around the outside of the tube. Secure it with tape, glue or double-sided tape if you wish. Lay the popper inside the tube. Tie the first end of the cracker. Here?s where the golf ball comes in to play. Christmas Crackers always have long tube-like endings. The paper isn?t bunched together and the crackers are uniform in appearance. Stuff the golf ball into the end of the cracker. Notice in photo 4 that the top Cracker has squished ends because no golf ball was used.) Carefully take your ribbon and tie it about 1/2 inch off the end of the cardboard tube. You?ll need to leave that space so that you don?t rip the paper. Pull gently but firmly so that you secure the end tightly. Remove the golf ball and you are left with a gorgeous tube of wrapping paper.  Now fill your tube.