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My name is Rosina Ayling, a Media, Cultural Studies and Journalism graduate from the University of Worcester. Currently a PR Executive at easysheduk. I love food, eating out and writing reviews.

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3 Ways to Organise a Messy Shed

Written by Rosina Ayling in Sheddies

Method 1 of 3: 1. Preparing your shed             Firstly, empty your shed to check […]

How to Save Money When You Have a Spending Habit

Written by Rosina Ayling in Uncategorized

1. Realise you have a problem The first step to solve any issue is to be self-aware. It?s easy to […]

How to Pick Colours for Interior Decorating

Written by Rosina Ayling in Interior Design

Decorating your home can be an expensive and exasperating task. Especially if you don?t arm yourself with some knowledge beforehand. […]

Garden Jobs to do in February

Written by Rosina Ayling in Advice & Tips

As long as the ground isn?t frozen, the key jobs for this month are to cultivate and prepare seedbeds, covering […]