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My name is Rosina Ayling, a Media, Cultural Studies and Journalism graduate from the University of Worcester. Currently a PR Executive at easysheduk. I love food, eating out and writing reviews.

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3 Valentine?s Day Arts & Crafts Ideas

Written by Rosina Ayling in Arts & Crafts

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for a crafty session with the kids – after all there is nothing better […]

Simon Dodsworth

Written by Rosina Ayling in Author Spotlight

Interior Designer, Writer, Author I was lucky enough to interview Simon Dodswoth, a very successful author. He was very friendly, […]

10 Design Ideas for Your Dream Loft

Written by Rosina Ayling in Interior Design

You will definitely want to live in your loft once you see these ideas! The Library Loft Pretty much the […]

How to Check Your Garden Shed for Leaks

Written by Rosina Ayling in Sheddies

It isn?t as simple as you would think to see if your shed has a leak, it is often not […]