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Top 10 DIY Tips to Improve Your Home

1.   Re-paint your front door



Easy, and effective- the front door is the first thing everyone sees when they come to your house. It seems to be a particularly neglected area of a house. A new look can be achieved simply, over a weekend including the preparation and then the two well applied coats of paint- you may want a new look and a different colour. Pick a suit that suits your home but also makes you stand out from the neighbours!

 2.   Repaint a room



If your home feels bare, this can be easily resolved by just painting one room- this job could be done in a day depending on the size of the room. First, chose the colour you need and ensure you have the right type of paint. Preparation is key and you need to remember to fill in any cracks in the wall and rub down and don?t forget to ensure all furniture is covered up; you are ready to start painting!

3.   Clean grout in your bathroom



Over the years your bathroom can begin to look dirty due to grout. As grout is porous it absorbs dirt and grease easily and the chemicals in shampoo don?t help. Although removing it can be a slow task cleaning the grout will easily return your bathroom to its sparkly self. The first method is to try an old toothbrush and a proprietary cleaner. If this method doesn?t work try purchasing grout remover, you can then apply a top coat of new grout and the bathroom will look like new.

4.   Lay a wooden floor



Adding a wooden floor to your house adds a desirable finish and is an easy floor to live with. Laying the floor is a DIY task that anyone with simple skills could do, you just need to plan and be able to work methodically and with some patience. There are hundreds of different floors so firstly you need to decide what type, colour and finish you would like. Make sure you have all the correct tools and the correct underlay. Follow the manufacturer?s instructions for a perfect floor.

5.   Decorate a feature wall with wallpaper



Adding a feature wall to your home can add modern aspects and liven up the interior. Wallpapering can be tricky so if this is your first time, doing just one wall is a good starting place. Choosing a higher quality thicker paper will allow you to produce a quicker good result. Preparation is key- ensure the wall is cleaned, washed and dry. The lengths should be cut around 100mm longer than you require; start in the corner and follow the instructions when choosing what paste to use.

 6.   Putting up shelving



Every home needs storage, therefore adding shelves to your house can help you get organised. There is a massive selection of shelving and you can have them in all types; wood, MDR or glass- they can either be bought ready-made or you could buy the materials and make the shelf yourself. Before you start you need to know what type of walls you have- spending money on quality fittings is worth it. Make sure you know about any pipes or cables in the wall before assembling.

 7.   Install coving



 Coving is available in all sorts of materials and colours. Polystyrene is the cheapest and easiest but will require more painting, the best quality coving is plaster and requires less painting. You can also purchase it in many authentic styles. Start on the longest wall, cut the coving to length. When you have finished you may need to apply some filler to get a smooth finish- then apply coats of paint to finish the job.

 8.   Hang a new internal door



 Upgrading doors to a higher quality is a medium DIY skill that immediately improves the look of your interior. Internal doors are available in many DIY stores and you could have them made bespoke. After removing the old door, you may need to cut the new door to size, prepare the new hinges, fittings and then hang the new door. Finish the job by attaching a new door handle.

 9.   De-clutter your home

trash bag and bin on white background with copy sapce


 This is so easy to do, as most of our lives are so busy it?s very easy to accumulate piles of paperwork or possessions we no longer need. A cluttered home will appear smaller and it won?t be relaxing. Be sensible about this project, it makes more sense to tackle it room by room. Designate an area for items that need to go to a Charity shop and other for general rubbish. Once one room is finished, you?ll want to do them all!


 10. Hire a handyman for a few hours



If you have a list of jobs but can?t get them all done, don?t keep putting them off, consider hiring a handyman for a few hours. A handyman service can help you with plumbing, electrics, decorating or general household tasks. Make a list of all the jobs your house needs doing and find a handyman via the internet and agree on a price. Sit back and enjoy your home!