How to Create a Fantasy Garden


How to Create a Fantasy Garden

Sometimes the real world just isn’t enough, sometimes you just want to escape and enter a world of mythical creatures and unreal-ism. Creating your very own fantasy garden should get you half way there!

1. Colour


In the fantasy world you will notice a never ending vast range of colours. Do you notice how most fantasy worlds have a wide variety of colour and light? Fantasy never seems to be bland, so brighten up your garden with a wide variety of colours, be creative and don?t restrict yourself! Take full advantage of the wide variety of flowers. Choose your favorite colours and mix them together, have fun with it, the possibilities are endless!

2. Natures music








Fill your garden with music! And no, by this, you don’t have to set up a surround sound system around the garden and blast your favorite tunes, use nature’s music! Fill your garden with nature?s music to give it an unworldly feel. You can do this by purchasing a wind chime; it will look beautiful in your garden and will fill it with a sweet, unique symphony; you will find yourself waiting for the next gust of wind! You could also try to attract birds to your garden, who doesn?t love the sweet sound of happily chirping birds?

3. Bring your garden to life









Bring your garden to life with actual wildlife! Try to attract wild life to your garden with sweet flowers which may attract butterflies. To attract birds offer a bird bath and bird seeds. The chirping of the birds will bring music to your garden and the butterflies will give it an unworldly feel. Consider other animals, such as dogs and cats. Perhaps you could set up a special place in the garden just for your pet to rest, I?m sure he/she will appreciate it having their own spot in the garden and wouldn?t it be brilliant to see your happy pet snoozing in the garden?

4. Plants


Obviously, a garden just isn?t a garden without plants now is it? There are so many plants to choose from, the possibilities are endless. To get that fantasy feel, fill your garden with colorful, unique plants. A good flower to use would be the sun flower, it is very diverse and it towers above most plants. Add some sweet, dainty flowers like snow drops and lilacs to add dimension.

5. Scent


Your garden should have a unique smell. Fill it with sweet, unique fragrances by the use of flowers and of course no artificial fragrances are needed (nature offers us everything we need). Try using Lavender or roses, or maybe some honeysuckle. Get the aromas flowing throughout your garden by using plants that have a strong, sweet scent. You can create a unique scent by mixing a variety of flowers together; your garden will have a brilliant smell like no other.

6. Light it up


Garden lights can create a feel of unreal-ism if used correctly. Try not to include lights shaped as fairies, butterflies or other creatures, as this can make your garden seem childish. Stick with simple garden lights that will illuminate your garden during the night time. If you have a pond or water feature in your garden, putting lights near it or above it will cause the lights to reflect, this will look stunning.

7. Appreciate your garden


If you want to be able to appreciate your garden to the fullest, perhaps you should consider placing it close to a window or maybe even consider placing a wooden chair or bench amongst the plants. Your garden can be used as a personal get away; you worked incredibly hard on it so you may-as-well be a part of it. Good luck!