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How to Make Garden Decorations from Recycled Wood

In an environment when there isn?t much material to go around, making a beautiful and at the same time eco-friendly garden is a tough challenge. Combine stunning looking decorations with recycled wood to create beautiful gardens and garden workshops.


Pallets can be ingeniously made into a set of benches and outside tables, as well as flower pots. Plywood and thin logs can then be used for a pleasant looking decorations.


This handmade food flower planter would look lovely in your garden. A wooden planter is a create way to grow plants and vegetables in a small space.


Firstly, make and cut the pieces of timber to correct lengths cutting the ends as squarely as possible for a smooth finish.

Secondly, lay two lengths to form the frame. Butt one end of each length up to the next with the drilled holes on the side.

Thirdly, cut treated gravel board to the appropriate lengths for the planter bottom. Place the bottom boards on the frame. Pre-drill the bottom boards.

Then, flip the frame over onto the other side so the bottom boards sit on the ground. And build up four layers in this way, lay another piece across the gap to support the raised square.


DIY toddler water table made from recycled wood.


Wooden outside chair


Flower planter pots