Top 10 Gardening Tips: How to make the sun transform your garden


Top 10 Gardening Tips: How to make the sun transform your garden



Enjoy some instant colour by planting pot-grown daffodils and narcissi that are now available in nurseries and garden centres. Plant them more deeply so that the bulbs can be covered by about three inches of soil. They are easily be tucked into any glaring gaps in your beds and will instantly brighten up your life ? and you can rely on them year after year.



Take a long hard look at your lawn, the first thing to do is mow it but don?t set the blades too low. Take off just the tips of the grass so that about one and half inches remain. If the lawn is full of moss use a powered lawn racer. Set the machine fairly high and go over lawn in both directions so that the machine pulls out the moss and dead grass.



Plant up a container or large pot for instant colour on your doorstep or patio. Site it where it gets reasonable light and water it once a week. At the end of May, the container can be replanted with summer bedding to prolong the colour scheme throughout the season.



Border perennials and shrubs have had a long hard winter. Replace their lost energy by sprinkling blood, bone and fishmeal among them and lightly forking it into the soil.


Pearl Abundance

Hybrid tea and floribunda roses which have not seen pruned should be tackled now ? cut out any dead or diseased stems. Cut back all remaining stems to just below knee height and give the bushes a good sprinkling of rose fertiliser.





Cut Back


Cut back any faded border perennials as close to the soil as you can with a pair of secateurs. Remove all dead stems. Dig up and divide any overcrowded clumps, replanting fist-sized portions about a foot apart in soil that has been enriched with well-rotten manure or garden compost.








Chipped Bark


All bare soil around trees, shrubs and border perennials can be mulched with chipped bark. This will seal in moisture, keeping down weeds and making sure your summer is not spent watering and weeding.





Summer Bulbs

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Plant brightly coloured, summer loving bulbs such as, gladioli and lilies in gaps between border perennials and shrubs. Space the bulbs about six inches apart. By doing this, you make sure your borders keep blooming through the summer.







Garden Ponds


Clear any fallen leaves and debris from garden ponds. Old foliage from the plants around the edge of the pond can be cut away and gaps filled with bog plants.







Garden Birds


Garden birds will be prospecting for nesting sites now. Put up nest boxes on tree trunks, fences and house walls to entice them into your garden. You can also continue putting out bird food ? remember the ground feeders are still hungry as well as those that are happy to perform acrobatically for their meals.




Remember that your garden is an important haven for all forms of wildlife and the more food and shelter you can provide, the richer your garden will be. Whatever the weather enjoy your spring gardening!