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Top 5 Gym Equipment Pieces to Have in Your Shed

Easyshed know how expensive gym memberships can be, so why not build your very own garden gym shed?! It?s cost effective and an economical way to work out. Gym equipment can also last years on end. No need to waste time traveling to the gym which means, you can spend longer doing what you enjoy.

Power Rack


This is an ideal piece of equipment for multiple exercises such as, bench presses and squats. This bit of equipment is perfect for beginners as well as gym bunnies! You can shrug, squat, chest press, should press, do chin ups and much more. Perfect for inside a gym shed!

Exercise Bike


This isn?t the cheapest piece of gym equipment but it will save you money in the long run. They are also space efficient as most of them fold up. Exercise bikes help increase your circulation and strengthen muscles.



Dumbbells are a most have piece of equipment in your gym shed. Not only are they fairly inexpensive, they are also small and therefore wouldn?t take up too much space. You can either purchase a set of exchangeable ones or a buy a few different sets of regular ones ? its important to have the various weight levels, this can help with natural progression.

Bench Press


This gym equipment is the perfect addition to any shed, as it can be fixed into 13 different positions with incline and decline ? you can do many different exercises on it to help you get fit. It can also be easily folded to allow more space.



Again, not cheap but perfect for cardio exercises, you can start building your fitness up by walking and progressing up to running at your own pace. Treadmills easily fold away too so great for easy storage.