Trees for Smaller Gardens


Trees for Smaller Gardens

There are many trees widely available for smaller gardens, in all shapes and sizes, evergreen and deciduous. Given that many of us have limited space in which to garden, it becomes important that any trees chosen are right for their surroundings.

Top 5 small trees:

  • Acer griseum


  • Amelanchier × grandiflora ?Ballerina?


  • Crataegus persimilis ?Prunifolia?


  • Sorbus ?Joseph Rock?


  • Prunus ?Amanogawa?




  • Height and spread: This is probably the most important factor. Even small ornamental trees may, over time, reach a height of 6-7m (20-23ft) or more. If this is too much, consider a weeping form, as these rarely increase much in height or even a large shrub. Spread is not normally such a problem, unless in a very restricted area, in this case consider a columnar tree, as these do not spread appreciably.
  • Season of interest: Consider when you want your tree to look good, thinking about flowering time, foliage, fruit and bark. If you only have room for one tree ideally look for one with more than one season of interest such as fruit or autumn colour following on from flowers.
  • Deciduous or evergreen: Both types of trees have their advantages, the obvious one for evergreens being that they keep their leaves. But you don?t get the lovely autumn colours with evergreen trees.