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Wednesday 20th August- Sheddies

Interview with Maundy Mitchell

Photographer & ‘Sheddie’


Easyshed got the opportunity to interview Maundy Mitchell a photographer and lover of sheds.

?I’m actually not an interior decorator.  I’m a photographer–although the photos you see here were taken with a point-and-shoot camera years before I went to photography school.?

Her husband is a scenic and lighting designer, so he designed and built this shed. The idea for Church of Gardening came about when he installed an antique stained glass window in the peak. It was built for her by her husband, Matt as a birthday present. It includes stained glass windows, a church pew and a small statue of St Francis.

shed1shed2Maundy?s interest in sheds came about after discovering the website

?I was intrigued that people put such care and art into these little garden spaces that are most often utilitarian here in the U.S.  I realised that a garden shed did not have to be just a place to store tools; it could be a reflection of one’s personality and sanctuary.  Now mine is just that.  Of course, I use it for my garden tools, but I also go there to drink tea, talk to my chickens (their coop and run are next to the shed), and survey my kingdom (Queen Dom!)?

 A couple of years ago, Maundy had a granite step installed in front of the shed.  The stone step makes it seem like it’s been there a very long time, and connects it to the gardens more.


 Future plans:  Maundy is always extending the gardens, so in a year or two she expects to have more gardens around the shed.  She also discovered a stone wall, which she is now in the process of restoring.


 Examples of Maundy’s Photography