Providing a quality all inclusive bespoke shed service since 1995.

Tongue & Groove Shed Cladding, Pressure Treated Timbers, Rot-resistant flooring

We only use the highest quality wood for all our sheds. All our sheds are fitted out in strong and durable tongue & groove or rebated shiplap wooden cladding, and our Tanalised wood treated flooring will withstand rot and heavy duty use, so you can be sure of the quality of our buildings.

On our timber sheds, we allow the choice of the sheds cladding treatment and framework strength. All the cladding is done with the best tongue & groove wood available and the timber used for the framework is of the highest quality and durabilty! To cater for a wide range of uses you can choose from dip treatment or tanalised (pressure treated) wood throughout your shed and increase the framework where required!

Wood Flooring

General Wood Cladding

The general sheds (our Standard Garden Sheds) are clad with 16mm (planed to 12mm finish) tongue and groove wood. The Tanalised Garden sheds are clad with 16mm (planed to 12mm finish) rebated shiplap cladding.

Tongue and Groove Standard wood

Strong Cladding

The strongest sheds (Beast range) are clad with 25mm (planed to 20mm finish) rebated shiplap wood.

Shiplap Tanalised wood

General Garden Shed Timber Framework

All the wood we use for our general garden sheds and security sheds is a sturdy 38mm x 50mm. The security sheds also have extra wooden framework applied in various places to give more strength.

38x50 timber wood

Beast (strong) Shed Timber Framework

We use 3" x 2" planed wood for our strongest sheds framework. It is actually the same wood that is used in house framework so you can see it a very durable and robust option for sheds that are used to store heavy equipment or will be put under agressive use!

3x2 timber wood

Our wood treatment processes

We have two different processses on how we treat the wood cladding & framework timber for your shed:

Tanalising / Pressure Treatment Process

For maintenance free wood, choose Tanalised. See how the wood tanalising process works.

Dip Treatment Process

All our wood is dip treated as standard. See how we dip treat our wood.

Our Strong, Rot Resistant, Wooden Flooring

The first thing to rot on a shed, due to damp ground, will be the floor so a pressure treated one is a must! And we provide a Free, rot-resistant, pressure treated floor with every shed, along with that we provide pressure treated wooden floor runners across all ranges, prolonging your garden sheds life!

As standard, we supply all our sheds across the board with a Tanalised wooden floor at no extra cost! This is because we know from experience the first thing to rot on a shed will be the floor. Once the floor is rotten it is almost impossible to treat and repair it, so your shed will lose its rigidity and eventually need replacing. An untreated flooring will often rot easily and quickly due to being placed on damp ground or just from being weathered. But don't worry, Easy Shed's flooring will last as long as the rest of the shed!

Not only is our flooring damp-proof, it's strong too! We provide 20mm wood on all standard garden, security sheds and Beast shed ranges. The strength of the flooring is also improved by our runners, which are screwed to the underside of the floorboards. You can even add extra runners if you are storing exceptionally heavy goods! We stand by the quality and strength of our flooring so much we did a test, please view the video of our truck driving over our flooring and then see how our competitors flooring stands up!