10 Epic Bedroom Design Ideas


10 Epic Bedroom Design Ideas




All-white bedrooms look very peaceful and calming but they can look boring and unfinished. Buy eye-catching duvet covers and make the most of your white space.




 A splash of colour on one wall makes such a difference- great way to create impact.

Colour Scheme



Blue is a powerful colour that gives bedrooms a clean, fresh finish. Be bold with different patterned wallpaper and bed linen. Scatter cushions in yellow.

Spray Paint



 For a quick update, spray painting bed frames is a great option. Adding stripes of a different colour on the frame will give you extra design points.

 Upholster Headboards



 Upholstered headboards are a great way to add a splash of colour to finish off a minimal bedroom look. Set against a relaxed backdrop of grey or white- padded headboards work as the ultimate extra pillow too.




Bring in the sunshine and make your bedroom seem bright with a touch of yellow. Layers of blue and white bed linen and colourful cushions add a Mediterranean vibe.

Geometric Prints



Add some eye-catching vigour to your bedroom with geometric prints. The different colours and patterns will add a contemporary twist.

Bed Linen



Bed linen, quilts and throws are an instant way to spruce up a room. Try making your own patchwork quilt for an instant colour fix!

Dark Walls



Dark walls don?t have to be overpowering, if they are set against light furniture and white painted floors.

Eclectic Bedroom



 Combine moody black walls and colourful bed linen. The vintage wooden shelving merges into the rustic, relaxed feels of this cosy space.