How to Keep Your Fitness Plan in Place


How to Keep Your Fitness Plan in Place

Sometimes keeping to your health and fitness plan is difficult and if you have lost the enthusiasm and drive to work out, then you need to find a way to regain your drive. Sometimes the facility in which you are working out is not as good as you originally thought. Or maybe they simply don?t offer everything they originally promised.



Make a point of making your health and fitness workout part of your regular daily schedule. Make working out as important to you as everything else and literally write it into your day planner so you see it all the time. When you do this, your health and fitness plan will stay in place.
2. Plan

Plan the best time of day for you to exercise when you are not going to be fighting everybody else for the equipment. By going when the gym is less crowded, you?ll be more relaxed about keeping to your routine.

3. Don’t do too much too soon

Closeup of runners shoe - running concept

Start at a level that is comfortable to you and do not exercise at a level that is too much for you. You?ll come out of your exercising hurting and aching more than you should, and that can make you dread going back. Your health and fitness plan should start out with a workout of about 20 minutes to an hour at most with a mixed bag of exercises to keep it interesting. Plus, don?t forget to stretch before starting the exercises after warming up first.

4. Set goals


Set goals that you can meet, and when you achieve them, set more for the next week. You?ll find that by setting and reaching attainable goals, you won?t give up on your health and fitness routine.

5. Keep a diary


Keep a health and fitness diary so you can see the progress you are making. Include what you are eating so you can see what works, and what doesn?t work for you. This allows you to adjust your workout accordingly and you can focus on problem areas.

6. Vary





Vary your exercises. Do aerobics one day, the treadmill another. Even participating in sports can be counted towards your health and fitness routine. Try to change your weight routine as well by adding a rep, weight, or set every three to four weeks.

7. Gym buddy


Invite a friend or colleague to come to the gym with you. This provides you with some social interaction, a little bit of friendly competition, and encouragement when you really just feel like giving up.

8. Personal Trainer


Consider working with a Personal Trainer at your gym. Start by developing your health and fitness routine with them to actually working out with them watching you and encouraging you to keep on going. They will be able to help you adjust your routine if needed.

9. Force








Force yourself to go to the gym religiously the first three months of your health and fitness programme. It takes that long to see results sometimes and if you keep that firmly in your mind, you?ll be more inclined to stick with it.

10. Routine







If you miss your workout, find a way to get yourself back into the groove as soon as possible. This is when most people drop their health and fitness routines for good. You?ll soon find that you actually miss going to the gym, so just go back as soon as possible and keep going.