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National Organic Week – Organic Blog Competition

To celebrate National Organic Week, Easyshed have decided on 6 of the best organic blogs from beauty to food blogs. The public can vote for their favourite blog over the week at the bottom of the page. Voting ends on Monday 15th Sept at 12pm. The Winner will recieve either a £50 M&S Beauty Voucher or a £50 Restaurant Voucher.

Vote for your favourite blog to be entered into a draw to win a £10 Amazon Voucher

Well Beauty blog –

Well Beauty Blog

Cori loves beauty products, staying healthy and good food. She is a hippie at heart, and passionate about taking care of our Earth. Cori is a Registered Dietitian ? but likes to think of herself as a real food dietitian/nutritionist. She likes to eat as close to nature as possible, with lots of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, whole protein (no protein powders here!)?..with the occasional exception for cupcakes of course.

Glamorganic Goddess –

Glamorganic Goddess

The Glamorganic Goddess is your source for the latest clean beauty tips, natural + organic product reviews + healthy lifestyle how-to’s from a sassy, young Breast Cancer Survivor with a passion for prevention! Find healthy beauty products without carcinogens, + without sacrificing your standards!

Vegan Beauty Review –

Vegan Beauty Review

Sunny has been vegan since 2000. She loves her furry felines at home: Towane, Spirulina, and Conan. She is a vegan because she love animals and would never want to contribute to the pain and suffering of any living being.  She’s trying to help break the stereotype that all vegans are stinky, hairy earth babies. She wants the world to know that you can be vegan and cruelty-free and still be über girlie and have fun.

Organic Beauty Talk –

Organic Beauty Talk

Organic Beauty Talk was created in May 2011 out of a love and passion for knowing what?s in your products, caring about what goes on your skin, and connecting you with brands that have the best organic, natural and eco-friendly choices. Organic Beauty Talk is dedicated to helping you live life more organically and beautifully simply because they know first-hand that it?s better?.better for your health and well-being, your loved ones, and the environment.

Green Kitchen stories –

Green Kitchen Stories

Welcome to the green kitchen. They cook and eat healthy and simple vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruit and vegetables. David works as a magazine art director in the day time, play with our daughter during the evenings, and make sure that this blog is updated during the nights. Luise is the hippie-health-minded of the two of us. When she cooks she tries to come up with super tasty, healthy and simple vegetarian recipes only using natural ingredients.

Organic Angels –

Organic angels

The Organic Food Blog is published by Scott and Sarah. Melbourne?s leading organic delivery service e of organic seasonal boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables and a great selection of organic groceries.The best way to experience organic food is with a seasonal fruit and vegetable box. You?ll be getting the best freshest produce of the season at great value.

Vote for your favourite blog to be entered into a draw to win a £10 Amazon Voucher