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Guide to Buying an EasyShed

Shed buying can be daunting if you do not know what to look for. This guide has been created by our experts to help you along the way and offer additional insight into our sheds. In this guide we cover the most important elements of our sheds and why our sheds are so popular with our customers.

Shed Ranges

Easyshed offer four main ranges to choose from. The ranges are 100% customizable and therefore elements can be swapped between ranges and extra features added to make your shed bespoke to your requirements.

Classic Range

Our Classic range of sheds are ideal for those of you looking to get a quality shed on a modest budget.

They come in all sizes imaginable and are perfect for use as a garden shed. The classic range comes with Dip Treated 12mm Rebated Shiplap cladding as standard which protects the sheds externals from mold (we recommend further protection with a comprehensive treatment, this dip-treatment is only weather-proof). This range features Tanalised (pressure-treated) 38mm x 50mm solid wood framework to ensure structural intergrity. Also included is our free Tanalised 20mm solid timber Beast floor.

Security Range

These safe & secure wooden sheds feature additional security elements to prevent unauthorised access. This range is ideal for the storage of expensive tools and leisure equipment.

As standard, our security range features a similar spec to the classic range, however the tanalised wood treatment is optional. Where this range differs from the classic range is in its improved security features. The security shed includes MultiFlex 'slit' windows which are much stronger than standard windows, due to their smaller size. The security range also has additional reinforced framework on all doors to improve their rigidity and strength. Finally the hinges & locks used on these sheds are bolted as well as screwed to ensure they cannot be unscrewed with ease. The hinges are also longer than the standard hinges at 18".

Configured by you. Crafted by us. If you require a truly original garden building, contact us now. If you can draw it or describe it we can build it.

Summer Houses

Our built to last summer house range features the same strength and quality as our classic range.

Our summer houses also come with a choice of wood treatments like our other sheds. They come Dip-Treated as standard to protect against mold and fungal damage. Rot-resistant Tanalised framework is also included in this range along with the tanalised Beast floor. This feature that really make our summer houses stand out is the selection of decorative fittings available. Choose from window boxes, fancy fascias, roof canopies, window crosses and more.

Beast Range

We designed the Beast to be the ultimate garden building. The quality, value and durability of this model is second to none on the market.

This heavy duty shed is made entirely of Tanalised timber, so you can rest assured that rot will never be a problem and the structural integrity of the shed will remain for years to come. The Beast's cladding is made of Tanalised 20mm specially designed rebated shiplap planed redwood timber, this coupled with the Beast's 3"x2" "building grade" tanalised timber framework provides unrivalled strength and durability. The Beast range are ideal for all uses, including using the shed as a workshop, garage, gym, heavy storage, etc. If you're looking for a high quality, all inclusive garden building, look no further!


All our timber cladding is slow grown for greater strength, durability and density. The planed surface makes it easier to paint, varnish or stain. The timber has been kiln-dried for extra stability and irradicates warping over longer periods.

We offer three types of cladding across the Easyshed ranges.

Dip Treated

Dip Treated 12mm Rebated Shiplap cladding is used on our classic sheds as standard. The specially designed rebated shiplap joint offers improved rigidity and accomodates for deviation in wood shrinkage. The cladding has been coated with an anti-fungal treatment to help protect against the elements. This treatment however is not a comprehensive solution and is only designed to last a few weeks before being treated with futher protection. This option provides a high quality finish on a modest budget.
Standard Cladding


Tanalised 12mm specially designed rebated shiplap cladding is used on our tanalised products as standard. The specially designed rebated shiplap joint offers improved rigidity and accomodates for deviation in wood shrinkage. This option provides longer-lasting protection against the elements and comes with a 10-year rot-resistant guarantee.
Tanalised Cladding


Our final cladding option is the Tanalised 20mm specially designed rebated shiplap cladding found on our Beast range. The specially designed rebated shiplap joint offers improved rigidity and accomodates for deviation in wood shrinkage. This cladding offers the highest strength and quality on the market and protects against rot (includes 10-year guarantee).
Beast Cladding

The choice of cladding used is down to the customer, we provide certain cladding options as standard but if you wish to upgrade you can.


Framework refers to the structural beams and joists used in the sheds construction. These beams are the skeleton of the shed and are integral to the sheds rigidity and strength.

As shed experts, we know that no expense can be spared when choosing the framework of our sheds. For this reason we use tanalised (pressure treated) 38mm x 50mm solid wood timber beams in all our sheds as standard. The pressure treatment will protect the wood from rot and thus ensure the structural integrity of the shed will be preserved for years to come.

All the wood used in our framework has been tanalised (pressure-treated). to guarantee maximum resistance to weathering and rotting for many years.

Our Beast range has even thicker framework and at 3"x2" it is comparable to building grade framework used in modern-day house construction.

Security Package

Security Door

Included in the security package are additional reinforced door beams. These beams improve the doors rigidity and strength. The security doors have proved to prevent theives from gaining access to our sheds (see below).

Failed Break in


At Easyshed we know that the first thing to rot on a shed, often due to the damp ground and poor air circulation, will be the floor. Once the floor is rotten it is almost impossible to repair, so your shed will lose its rigidity quickly and eventually need replacing. To prevent rot and thus improve the sheds lifespan, we provide a free, rot-resistant, pressure treated floor with every shed. The pressure treatment that is applied to the floorboards will help to protect against mold and rot (see our Dip Vs Tanalised guide for more information). We also provide pressure treated, wooden floor runners across all ranges which helps improve air circulation beneath the shed.

Not only is our flooring rot-resistant, it's strong too! We use 20mm thick, solid timber floorboards on our classic and security ranges. Our Beast range offers an even stronger alternative that consists of our specially designed 20mm rebated shiplap cladding that can handle heavier loads.

The strength of the flooring is also improved by our runners, which are screwed to the underside of the floorboards. The runners are spaced evenly to effectively distribute the weight and offer greater rigidity (You can even add extra runners if you are storing exceptionally heavy goods!).

We never use chipboard or OSB in any of our constructions. Chipboard and OSB are generally considered indoor materials which will absorb moisture and rot quickly in an outdoor environment.

We stand by the quality and strength of our flooring so much we did a test, please view the video of our truck driving over our flooring and then see how our competitors flooring stands up!

Beast Floor


Easy Shed make sure every single piece of wood used on our sheds comes from a sustainable source. The timber mills we use respect the environment and will re-plant forested areas. This helps protect the environment and ensures long term timber supplies.

Wood Treatment

Tanalised (Pressure treated)

Pressure Treated Timber on wooden sheds provide many years of trouble free service. Our treated tanalised sheds have been pressure treated with an approved wood preservative which protects our garden sheds from decay and/or insect attacks. The preservatives are pressure impregnated into all of the timber used for our wooden sheds and will provide protection for a very long time. This treatment is covered by a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

Dip Treated

With our standard wood sheds, the timber is dipped in preservatives. These preservatives are not a permanent solution, it is only designed to protect the shed for a short term until a more comprehensive treatment can be applied We recommend you should re-treat the standard sheds within 3 months and every further 12 months with an oil based preservative.

For more information on the available wood treatments see our guide.



Ideally your building should have a clear space at least 18" wide on all sides, if possible. This ensures easy access for both installation and future maintenance. In reality this is often not practical and at many sites it is not needed. A reduced clearance is often possible on one or two sides. If the space around your building is restricted remember to allow for any roof overhang. You should also cut back or remove any nearby shrubs and trees. Remember to allow for future growth. If possible a sheltered position is better.

Shed Installation & Site Access

We require at least 7 foot in height access (depending on the size of your shed), but we can cut wood down if needed and access is tight. Please let us know if there are any access restrictions.

If your order includes installation the building will be delivered and installed on the same day by prior appointment with you. A clear access route is required from the lorry to the prepared base, with no access restrictions. The sections are often large flat panels which may be as long as the building. Possible restrictions include archways, narrow passages, sharp corners and flights of steps. It is not normally possible to lift large panels over fences and walls. Access through the house may be possible with advance notice. If required larger panels can be made in smaller sections for a small surcharge. Please advise us if there are any access restrictions at the site.

We offer free fitting* & free delivery with all our sheds. check your postcode to see if you qualify.


The majority of garden buildings do not require planning permission. However, permission is required for any building which covers over half the garden, which is not for domestic use or which is over 3 metres high with a pent roof or 4 metres high with an apex roof. If you live in a terraced or town house you are normally entitled to build up to 50 cubic metres of extensions without planning permission. In a detached or semi detached house the permitted volume is 70 cubic metres. For planning purposes any detached outbuilding within 5 metres of the dwelling counts as an extension. A 6'x8' building is around 10 cubic metres. A 10'x10' building is around 20 cubic metres. A typical single garage is around 35 cubic metres.

Planning permission may also be required for any building which is nearer to a public highway than the original dwelling. For planning purposes a public highway includes any road or footpath with a public right of way. If you live in a Conservation Area or a Listed Building permission may be required for any garden building over 10 cubic metres. This brief summary is not intended to be a comprehensive guide. Contact us for further advice or contact your local planning department.

Building Regulations

The majority of garden buildings do not require approval under the building regulations. However, approval is required for any building with an internal floor area of more than 30 square metres.

Maintaining Your Shed

For non-tanalised wooden sheds the external timber should be treated with a good quality wood stain every year. This will prolong the life of your building. All major wood stain manufacturers offer suitable products in a choice of colours, available from good hardware shops. We also recommend that you regularly oil the door and window hinges as required to ensure continued smooth operation.

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