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Shed Tips From The Experts

Use close-shackled padlocks to highten the security on your shed. It'll be harder for power tools or bolt-cutters to cut your lock.

Always measure more than once when preparing your base. The shed base is the most important part of the building and will determine the longevity of the shed.

If you garden building is prone to pests such as insects, a simple way to prevent this is to paint your shed which will stop insects that eat their way in. Simple insecticides will also work.

A trough filled with sand mixed with motor oil is great place to leave garden tools. The tools will be easier to find and the motor oil will prevent the tools from rusting.

Install hooks on one of the shed walls to neatly store the tools you commonly use. Label or outline tools to make it easier to return the tools to their correct place.

Felt roofing of sheds can be easily damaged. That is why it is very important to check your roofing now and then and remove anything that has the potential to damage the roof.

When you first install a garden shed, you should treat it with a good quality water resistant treatment. This process should be repeated annually to ensure your shed lasts much longer.

Cheap materials can be used for minor insulation. Bubble wrap or polythene are relatively cheap and can be a good insulator and there is a noticeable temperature difference.

When insulating your shed, many people tend to forget the floor. Insulating your shed floor can make a huge temperature difference and could be as simple as adding an extra layer of carpet.

When selecting an area for your garden shed make sure you choose somewhere that gets a good amount of sunlight.

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