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  • 4x4 Apex Classic Security shed

Your Shed £567.00

includes VAT + Free Delivery
Size: 4x4, Layout: Apex, Treatment: Standard,
Framework & Cladding: Standard ,Upgrade: Security , External Height of tallest part: 2217mm, External Height of shortest side: 1877mm
Image shows a basic representation of your shed e.g. layout, door & windows some chosen options may not show
(Windows: 1)
Security Window > Fixed Perspex £0
Standard Door > Hinged Left £0
Roofing > 40kg Felt £0
Price: £567.00
Longest Side
Shortest Side
 Framework & Cladding
  • standard wood cladding
    cross section of standard wood shed
     Dip Treated cladding.
     Tanalised 38x50mm framework improves strength and rigity throughout shed.
     16mm (planed to 12mm finish) specially designed rebated cladding.
     Protected against mold and fungal damage.
     Economical option
  • tanalised wood cladding
    cross section of tanalised wood shed
     100% of wood tanalised (pressure treated + rot-resistant).
     Tanalised 38x50mm framework improves strength and rigity throughout shed.
     Tanalised 16mm (planed to 12mm finish) specially designed rebated cladding.
     Ideal for general rot-resistant use & storage, where re-treatment may be difficult.
  • beast wood cladding
    cross section of beast wood shed
     Sturdy, easy maintenance option!
     100% of wood tanalised (pressure treated + rot-resistant).
     Tanalised 3"x2" (planed) wood framework
     Tanalised 25mm (planed to 20mm finish) specially designed rebated shiplap cladding
     Ideal for heavy duty rot-resistant use & storage, workshops and offices!
Select Security to help reduce the chance of unauthorised access to your shed. Bolts are used instead of screws on the hinges & lock, long with a quality padbolt. The door and surround is braced with more framework. Choose the optional security windows for complete peace of mind.
Options & Extras Detail (Please note, prices can vary depending on your shed size & type)
Windows Your current Windows' style, pane & fixing. Make changes where required.
Window 1
Security Window > Fixed Perspex
Security Window > Fixed Perspex
£ Free
This window is included FREE with your shed
More Window Choices (Add more / Change all)
Choose Style, Pane & Fixing, then Change All your windows in one go or Add more
Doors Your current Doors' style & hinges. Make changes where required.
Door 1
Standard Door > Hinged Left
Standard Door > Hinged Left
£ Free
This door is included FREE with your shed
More Door Choices (Add more)
Overhangs & Extensions Extend your shed to the side or front with an overhang.
40kg Felt
£ Free
40kg Felt
40kg Heavy-duty cross threaded green mineral felt. Much harder to tear than cheaper felts.
Extra Parts
Tanalised Bearers
Raise the shed up from ground by an extra 2 inches with rot-resistant Tanalised Bearers.
Extra Height
Add more boards to raise the shed roof. Each board will add 4 inches (101mm) to height.
Split your shed with a wooden wall partition (specify details on checkout). Note, you will need an Extra Door (please add).
Extra Floor Runners
Tanalised rot-resistant Floor Runners - what the flooring's nailed to. All our sheds come with the required number, but Add more if you need to increase the floor strength when storing exceptionally heavy items.
Add sturdy Shelves that can run length or width of shed.
Breathable Membrane
High vapour permeability ensuring the membranes absorb the vapour and keeps the insulation layer dry. No ventilation gap needed. Totally waterproof, offering a secondary layer of protection against driving rain or snow.
Add a custom built, treated timber ramp for access to your shed

Designed for durability

Our sheds are designed by experts and handmade by experienced carpenters, this mixture of innovation and understanding allows us to make high quality, durable products that will last the test of time. Over the years we have made substantial additions to our designs including adding corner braces (to improve rigidity), ledged and braced doors (further improve rigidity and security) and engineering our unique rebated cladding to reduce water retention.

All Inclusive Service

Easyshed offers an all-inclusive shed buying service. From choosing your shed to installation your products are made, delivered and installed by our own trained staff (no middle-men or 3rd parties).

Beast Wood

Our flagship cladding option is pressure treated 20mm specially designed rebated cladding. The cladding joint offers improved rigidity and accomodates for deviation in wood shrinkage. This cladding offers the highest strength and quality on the market and protects against rot (includes 10-year guarantee).

Tanalised Wood

Pressure treated 12mm specially designed rebated cladding is used on our tanalised products as standard. This option provides longer-lasting protection against the elements and comes with a 10-year rot-resistant guarantee. The cladding joint offers improved rigidity and accomodates for deviation in wood shrinkage.

Dip-Treated Wood

Dip treated 12mm specially designed rebated cladding is used on our classic sheds as standard. The cladding has been coated with an anti-fungal treatment to help protect against the elements. This option provides a high quality finish on a modest budget.

38mm x 50mm Framework

Our 38mm x 50mm Tanalised Framework provides superior strength and durability to most other sheds on the market. The pressure treated beams come with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee to ensure the structural integrity of the shed remains for years to come.

3"x2" Beast Framework

Our 3"x2" Tanalised Beast Framework is comparable to building grade framework used in modern-day house construction. The pressure treated beams come with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee to ensure the structural integrity of the shed remains for years to come.

Onduline Roof

An alternative to traditional mineral felt, our corrugated onduline roofing is much more durable and will remain weatherproof for many years.

Security Package

Our Security Package offers additional security features including: MultiFlex 'slit' windows that provide an extra level of security by preventing access and obscuring the sheds contents, additional reinforced framework on all doors to improve their rigidity and strength, the hinges & locks used on these sheds are longer (18") and bolted as well as screwed to ensure they cannot be unscrewed with ease.


customer review
Great experience!
The website was very user-friendly and had choices to appropriately customize our shed. The price and lead time were both better than other shed-making companies offered. A straightforward experience to order.
Shed owned:
0 0 0
Overall Rating:
Perfect purchase
The whole purchase process was simple, with great customising options. The delivery was quick, and the build was quick and painless (for me!). With a small garden I could only have the 6x4, and I opted for the Beast version after much thought. So glad I did, it's better built than my house!After I installed a cheap metal standing shelf unit fitting perfectly to the right of the door, and a movement-sensitive led solar light on the inside it's perfect for accessing all my 'junk' at any time. I've even got space to store all my recycling clutter, garden charis, table and parasol. All stayed completely dry in the horrendous wet and windy spell.
Shed owned:
6x4 Pent_C Beast
Overall Rating:
Material Quality:
Build Quality:
Visual Appeal:
Customer Service:
It's very well built and solid, and even manages to look good
After eight months, no negatives at all
Bottom line
My first ever shed, so glad I found the best company
customer review
Best Beast shed
We purchased this shed, with a little apprehension as it was quite a lot of money to pay out for something that we hadn't seen, but we were soon reassured. We got a phone call the following day to check the order and confirm one or two things. We were then given a delivery schedule, then an email to confirm all this. The delivery guys were very professional and did a great job of erecting the shed. They even gave me some advise about a tree that was very close to the shed. All in all a very good purchase from a very good company!
Shed owned:
14x7 HiPex_C Tanalised
Overall Rating:
Material Quality:
Build Quality:
Visual Appeal:
Customer Service:
The size is brilliant, does what it says on the tin!
Nothing that I can think of to fill up 15 words!
Bottom line
Very good, well worth the money.
A classy shed, a great match for our garden. Follow up after the sale right up to the delivery day was excelent.
Shed owned:
8x6 Pent_B Tanalised
Overall Rating:
customer review
What a beautiful shed, (if sheds can be beautiful). It was delivered at the specified time and erected quickly by two friendly and efficient workers. The finished shed looks secure, and is secure. The build quality is excellent and the fittings are second to none. Since the shed was erected in early March 2012 it seems to have rained continuously, but the interior of the shed has remained perfectly dry and from its construction. This will last for many years to come.
Shed owned:
7x5 Apex Security Tanalised
Overall Rating:
customer review
Excellent qaulity, good communication, built for you,delivery guys sound,
Shed owned:
6x4 Apex
Overall Rating:


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