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Upload images to Easy Shed Facebook page using a smart phone.

Step 1:

  Open the Facebook application on your phone.




Step 2:

 Touch the magnifying glass icon to search.




Step 3:

 Type "Easy shed" in the search bar then press the easy shed page like shown below.




Step 4:

 Scroll all the way down the page.




Step 5:

  Touch the "More Posts >" button.




Step 6:

Touch the "Share Photo" option at the top of the page.




Step 7:

Select an image you would like to upload from your phone.




Step 8:

Touch the small pen & paper icon at the bottom as shown.




Step 9:

Write a caption and then touch the word "Post" above the textbox.




That's it, your image should now be uploaded to the Easy Shed page.

Thank you for viewing, you should now be able to post photos to the Easy Shed Facebook Page. Make sure you like our page.

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