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How to upload photos to Pinterest?

Step 1:

  Head over to the pinterest website and click the red plus button.

Step 1


Step 2:

 Click the option that says "Upload a pin" from the drop down menu.



Step 3:

 Click the button that says "Choose Image" from the box that appears.

Step 3


Step 4:

 Select the image you want to upload from your computer.



Step 5:

 Select a board to post it to by clicking the drop down menu titled "Board" like shown below.



Step 6:

 Slect a board from previously created boards or create a new board like shown in the image below.



Step 7:

 Type a description for your image in the textbox titled "Descriptiom" and remember to include #EasyShed



 Your photo should now be uploaded to pinterest, to view this photo click your name and choose "Your Boards" from the drop-down menu.



 Click thr board you uploaded your picture to. I created one called Easy Shed.



 Your image and caption should now be on pinterest with the caption you wrote.


Thank you for viewing, you should now be able to post photos to Pinterest. Remember to #EasyShed if the image relates to us.

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