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What type or size of shed do I need?

Normally the customer is able to say what type or size of building would be best for them, but if you are at all unsure which kind would be most suited to your needs you can view our guide to buying a shed. If you still need help please contact a member of office staff, who will be happy to discuss and advise you of all your possibilities and options.

Where should I position my shed?

Very often, the position you place your shed depends upon the available space, but if you have no space restrictions your shed should be positioned away from trees and bushes, not too close to other buildings and with a small margin around it (about 18 inches?) so that the shed can be maintained/ painted. Water from dripping trees is acidic, and harmful to the roofing felt, so is advised against. Other than that it is perhaps wise to consider 'access' - especially for long and awkward items that are used less often. In any case our doors can be placed wherever is the most convenient for you, so access can be optimised for your specific needs.

Do I need to prepare a base for my shed?

Yes, you will need to have a flat, level base ready for when your shed is delivered. Concrete or paving stones usually provide a good level surface in most cases. If you are unsure or need any help please contact our help team or view our guide.

Do I need planning permission to erect my new shed?

Unless you are ordering a shed with a height of 2.5 metres or above, with a total floor area greater than 30 square metres, or are looking to erect your shed where it will obstruct a neighbour's view you will not need planning permission. Generally speaking, a shed is considered a 'temporary construction' that can be removed easily (if needs be), and so will not require planning permission. but would recommend you talk to your local council first.

Is there any 'fake' wood in the construction? (ie. chipboard, OSB, etc.)

Definitely not! All our sheds are made from natural timber, and nothing else! Artificially prepared wood has a greatly reduced life expectancy - and the resins used in it's manufacture are often harmful to humans and other organic life forms. All our wood is sustainably sourced.

Does the shed come with windows fitted?

Yes. The windows can be positioned wherever you prefer (or can be decreased in size for security reasons), and extra windows can be added if desired. Our windows come complete with multi-flex glazing already fitted.

How secure will my shed be?

It is generally advised that you choose a suitable shed for your storage needs. Alarms and padlocks can be fitted to our sheds as a deterrent, but if valuables are to be stored it is perhaps advisable to see our range of Security sheds or Beast sheds as these have been designed specifically for maximum security.

How much weight can be loaded onto the floor of my shed?

A: Our floors have been subjected to the most stringent tests. We have even driven and parked cars and delivery trucks on floor sections over several days without any wear or damage to the floor section at all; and in terms of 'durability' we have been producing heavy duty workshops for over 15 years without ever having a complaint about any kind of floor failure from our customers. All our floors are made from solid timbers, and extra 'under floor runners' can be added if particularly heavy duty storage is required.

What options are there for me to pay for my purchase?

It is possible for you to pay for your shed by either credit card, cash (in advance or on the day of delivery) or by cheque (required at least 7 days prior to delivery date from local authorities only, please ask a member of the team if you're eligible) – whichever is more suitable and convenient for you.

If I make an order online will my details be stored or passed on to another company for marketing purposes?

Most definitely not! Our belief is that it is wholly unacceptable practice to pass personal details of any kind on to any third party for any reasons whatsoever (unless 'legally' required to do so) without that person's full written consent. Your personal security is paramount to us, and for this reason also no information of any traceable kind is stored by us for longer than is absolutely necessary in order to successfully complete the transaction in hand.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! The prices you see in our catalogue and on our web pages is the price you pay. It's that simple. Our prices include free wood treatment (undertaken at our premises), free delivery, and free installation by a team of experienced fitters. (The only exception to the case is that a small delivery charge may be added outside a 100 mile radius of the workshop - in which case: please contact a member of office staff in order to discuss available options - we will be happy to help!)

How will I assemble my shed?

You won't need to. Our specially trained team of fitters will do all the work for you (free of charge), so you've no need to worry about installation! All you have to do is tell or show us where you want it, and we'll do the rest!

What access is required to deliver and assemble my shed?

Of course this would largely depend upon the size of the shed you have purchased, but generally speaking most shed panels are no taller than 7 foot ('through' a house has proved to be a problem in the past - also some alleyways are a little restricted in height!). Good, clear, and 'safe' access for the fitters to get easily between the van and the shed location would be ideal, especially as several journeys to the van have to be made during the fitting process - usually carrying heavy and awkward panels. If access is restricted at your property please let us know, and we can make appropriate arrangements beforehand - some panels could even be made in sections if they are too tall for access to the property.

Can I assemble the shed myself?

If you would prefer to assemble the shed yourself you can arrange with our office staff for the shed to be just delivered to your property. A set of full assembly instructions will be left with the shed to ensure simple and easy construction details.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my shed?

If you have any problems with your shed, please contact the after sales team here and they will start the process to resolve the situation.

Does my shed need any maintenance?

Depending on which shed you buy there will be varying amounts of maintenance required to keep your shed in peak condition. With our Standard ranges of sheds this would be an initial treatment within 3 months of purchase with a wood preservative and then re-treating every year. With the Tanalised and Beast ranges of shed, we would recommend to retreat the shed on one occasion, in extreme weather conditions for extra protection in its life time (depending on environmental conditions and positioning of the shed (ie. badly situated, such as under a tree).

Can my shed be insulated?

Yes. Many customers find it desirable to insulate their sheds after purchase - especially when being used as a workshop or outdoor gymnasium.

Can I fit electrics into my shed?

Yes, however we recommend that the electrical power points should only be fitted into your shed by a fully qualified electrician, in accordance with British Safety Standards, as this is not a service we currently offer.

What should I do if my shed leaks?

It is highly unlikely that your shed will leak. However, if you do experience any problems with leaks we would advise you to contact a member of office staff immediately, and we will rectify the problem in the quickest way we possibly can!

What if I experience any other problems with my shed after it has been installed?

If you experience any problems whatsoever with your shed, contact us as soon as you can to let us know what you are experiencing. It would be extremely helpful if you could send us photographs of the affected part or area so we can quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve the underlying issue.

What sort of locks do the shed doors have. I think I would want a key lock rather than a padlock if possible.

The sheds come with a hasp and staple ready for a padlock but we do not supply the padlock this will also include a wooden turn button. Pad bolts will also be included on our double door options. Unfortunately we do not offer key/mortis locks.

I would like to buy a small shed. Your smallest, however, is a little too large. I only have room for 110cm x 110cm at the most. Do you have such a size?

Unfortunately we would not be able to manufacture a shed of the dimensions required. The closest we could offer would be a 4ft x 4ft.

Is the erection carried out by the same team who delivered my shed?

That's correct! The same team who deliver your shed will also install this for you at the same time.

I need a couple of roof boards to be replaced on my shed and of course new roof felt all over it. First of all i would like to know whether you do maintenance and secondly if you don't can i buy the parts from you and have it delivered? Or better still have you got anybody that could come and have a look to what needs to be done?

Unfortunately we do not carryout repairs or supply replacement parts - As we operate on a national scale it's difficult with logistics etc. It may be worth approaching a local carpenter.

I would like to order a custom shed about 2'4'' deep by 8' long, double doors etc.

We only manufacture sizes that are to the foot, furthermore we do not make sheds with any depth less than 4ft. Could you up your size to an 8 x 4?

Hi, I'm interested in your wheelie-bin storage units, and would be grateful if you could provide me with details of price and size of both the single and double designs.

Sorry we no longer offer wheelie bin storage.

Can I have the shed direct on brick wall without having a gap.

Due to the overhang on our sheds roofs (for clear drainage of rainwater) there will always be a gap of a few inches or so between the new shed and any existing structures it may be assembled next to. We would never advise being direct on other structures due to damp, re-treating etc.

I am looking to buy a Pent B shed 8 x 6 feet. The access is through a garage door, fire door to rear & then through utility area with small outward door. This door is 6 foot 2 inches tall & 2 foot 8 inches wide. Would this present a problem with getting the front panel (6' 4'') or the roof through?

If you have any access restrictions taking the panels through to the garden be that through a side access or a house we would require images and measurements of the full route including and sharp twists or turns that may be on the route for our customer service team to assess. If there is any constrictions on the route we can manufacture the panels differently but this would come at an additional cost.

Paving slabs for a base seem an awful lots of work - do you think Swift Plinths are a better/lower cost solution - do you know what they cost?

We understand that covering a large area can become quite costly that being said investing in a solid/flat and level base can prolong the life of the shed structurally. We mostly recommend slab/concrete bases but wooden/timber bases or a plastic eco base is also acceptable. Unfortunately this is not a service that we currently offer so would advise sourcing a local builder/landscaper to carry out this work for you; alternatively if you choose to do this yourself we do have a how to on our website

Can you tell me what size the roof is, I assume its T&G, so is it also 20mm cladding? With 2x3'' supports?

The roof will be produced with the following cladding based on the cladding option for the rest of your shed; Standard 12mm with 38x50mm framework, Tanalised 12mm with 38x50mm framework & Beast 12mm with 3 x 2” framework.

What dimensions are the floor runners, are they 3x2'' like the frame? Is the floor T&G too and again is it 20mm thick.

All of our floors are 20mm thick and made from rough sawn floorboards. If you order a from our beast range 20mm thick the floor will be constructed using our shiplap Beast cladding. Our floor runners are 38x50mm and will lift the shed 1½ inches off the floor.

I am wondering if you supply and install lean to sheds?

Unfortunately we do not manufacture ''lean to'' style sheds. Because of the design pattern we follow, all four of the sheds cladded walls are required in order for the roof etc to be attached securely. We can manufacture a long thin shed, however this would not be utilising any of your homes existing walls.

I am interested in building a sauna in my backyard. I thought of building a shed and turning it into a sauna myself, by insulating it from the inside, etc?I would look to use a wood burning stove so will need to cut out either in the wall or ceiling a hole for the flue.Can you tell me what you think, if it is an achievable task and if you recommend anything for such a project? Ideally, would not mind having 3 rooms, the third to be used as a true shed, to store garden tools and wood for the wood burning stove.

The structure you are hoping to achieve sounds possible. The partitioning walls are no trouble, to create rooms - and our Beast specification sheds are ideal for insulating. Please use our ''sheds by size'' tool to create the structure you require. With each step or option you choose the price will alter accordingly.

I am thinking of buying a Mobility scooter shed, and would appreciate your advice. I haven't got the exact measurements yet, but i just need a small one with a double or wider door.

We would advise measuring your mobility scooter to ensure that you're ordering the correct size for what you need. We offer a FREE ramp for mobility scooter storage just ask one of the team and they can add this to your order.

I am interested in an Apex style shed and I want the window on the left hand side as you are standing facing the door, is this possible?

The window panels on our Apex sheds are universal so can be flipped to suit on the day the shed is erected.

Is there an option now I've ordered to add bearers to my order?

That's no problem, we can amend your order and add the bearers.

Could you let me know how long it would take to fabricate my shed,it is so that i can plan to have it delivered & erected when the weather is good. I'm hoping to have it in May. If i was to give you a window of good weather of a few days in May would that leave too tight a manufacturing & delivery schedule?

As we make all of our sheds to order wait time can vary depending on the time of year and size of the shed ordered, please contact one of the team via telephone, email or our online chat service to find out the wait time. Our fitters work in all weather conditions so even if it was raining they can still erect the shed if we were to set a date in advance.

I take it the roof section is felted / pre felted ?

As standard you would receive a 40kg Roof Felt which would be felted on the day the shed is delivered and installed. Alternatively we do offer a ONDULINE roofing which is made from cellulose fibres that have been impregnated with bitumen. This mixture is then compressed into a board that is 2.6mm thick and 48mm wide corrugations.

You have a picture on your website of someone using one of your sheds for a gymnasium, I'm very interested in the shed in the picture, please how much and what size is the one in the picture

The shed in the picture listed under ''gym sheds'' is roughly 16ft x 9ft in size. It is manufactured in the standard wood type. All our sheds are manufactured to order, thus we can do any shed style in any size (to the foot).

How many paving stones would I need for the base of a shed 6 (long side) x 4 (short side)? And would the paving stones need to be cemented together, or can they just be set flush against each other?

A shed of 6 x 4 would require six 2 x 2 slabs, the cement is not necessary, provided they are completely flat and level they can simply be laid on the ground.

What do you recommend the thickness of 2ft x 2ft concrete slabs to be for a shed base?

Slabs of 2 - 3 inches in thickness are fine.

Could you deliver and install on a Saturday?

Unfortunately we only deliver Monday to Friday, thus Saturday delivery is not possible.

So you deliver and also install on the same day?

That's correct. The work would all be carried out in one morning/ afternoon.

What times are morning and afternoon deliveries?

Generally speaking deliveries happen in 2 - hour slots as such:<br/>8am - 10am<br/>10am - 12pm<br/>12pm - 2pm<br/>2pm - 4pm<br/>These times are approximate and can alter slightly.

I've read that there are 'levelers' (I'm not sure of the exact terminology) that you can lay on the ground, so that the construction of the shed on top is level/stable if the ground is uneven. Is this something that Beastshed does when it comes to shed assembly?

I think you're referring to our 'Tanalised Bearers' They are wooden sleepers that run between the shed floor and the base. They lift the shed a further 2 inches off the floor, with our runners that come already attached to your shed floor this would give a total space 3 ½ inches off the floor. The bearers can be beneficial for a base that is slightly uneven but we must stress that the bearers would still require a flat and level base as this is mostly suggested if you have any issues with rodents or damp.

Out of curiosity, can one of your sheds be disassembled for transportation and assembly at another location?

All of our sheds are screwed together, thus they can be dismantled with a drill. When re-assembling simply replace the screw in the places you removed them from.

Do I need to lay slabs if I buy bearers?

Yes, you will still need to prepare a flat and level base as the bearers will not act as a base. They are only necessary if you wish to raise your shed a couple of inches or if you have any issues with rodents or damp.

Would I be able to paint over tanalised wood?

Yes, but we do recommend waiting 6-9 months after installation for the wood to fully cure and dry out.

What would you put under floor to spread weight across area of shed ? is this something else you would provide?

Extra floor runners can be added in order to strengthen the floor further, however the floors are extremely heavy duty as standard.

Do you have anyone in my area who you regularly deal with and will remove the existing shed and check the ground is satisfactory for one of your sheds? I don't want much time lapse between removal of the old shed and installation of the new one.

As we operate on a national scale its difficult to schedule home visits. If you would like you can email us a picture of the area in which you plan to position the shed and we can advise. Unfortunately we cannot offer to remove any existing sheds.

I'm interested in a 10 foot long shed, but the cement base is 3 inches short of this. Is this OK?

Our advice would be to have the base extended by an additional 3 inches. Although only a small amount, we would never advise having a section of the shed overhanging the base. Although this may seem like a slight pain at the moment, investing in a decent base will pay off in the long run.

When I go to checkout it says framework: standard, whereas on previous selection I've opted for tanalised. I presume that it is all tanalised because the 'standard' shed uses tanalised?

That's correct. As long as you have selected tanalised for the shed itself then the whole structure will be pressure-treated.

What colour are your tanalised sheds? If they are no different in colour to your standard sheds how will I know for sure what I am getting?

Our standard sheds are an orange, pine colour, where as our Tanalised sheds are a visibly different brown colour, When comparing the two woods its obvious the tanalised has been treated.

Are your tanalised sheds the dark colour as shown on your website?

Yes, note, the darkest tend to be the Beast shed range.

We'd like to have as small a slope up to the back part of the shed as possible i.e. as close as possible to a flat roof. Is this OK?

A sloping roof is advisable as water would run clear, avoiding the build up of rain water which can cause leaks and dampness.

Is it possible to have one big door rather than double doors? We have space in front so there is no problem with space to open it.

The largest single door that we offer is 2ft10. We do not manufacture single doors any larger than this as the weight of the wood used in the doors of 4ft/5ft is simply too much for a single set of hinges to cope with. The 5ft Double Doors do include one master door, thus one can be secured shut if you only require the usage of one door.

Do you sell double doors of 3 ft each?

Sadly the biggest set of double doors we offer are 5ft total width but we do offer a 2'10" single door.

I'm looking to order a bike shed, Pent C layout, 120cm high. Is it possible to have the back wall higher and then slope down to the front wall with the doors? I think this will look much better as the back wall is the one against the fence on the left as you look out of our patio.

Of course! Please see our Pent J model.

The new shed would need to fit into quite a tight spot. On the left side there is a hedge and on the right side is another shed. Can the fitters erect the shed with minimal (practically zero) space on each side? There'd be plenty of space at the front and the back.

We do ask for at least 6 inches clearance around the perimeter of the shed for installation purposes, to felt the shed in such tight conditions would be a very difficult task for our fitters to carry out. Please contact the office team at with an image and any questions about the area for installation, you will receive a response within 24 hours of the query.

There is no rear access to my property so the shed would have to come through the house, how much clearance would you need to be able to bring a 6x4 shed through?

Usually a shed of 6 x 4 will not cause any access issues as most standard door heights will allow the panels to pass. Just bear in mind any tight turns that may have to be negotiated en route through the house.

I've had a concrete base laid for the shed to stand on but I didn't account for additional space around it for installation. Would it be a problem that the base is tight into the corner of the garden which would mean you wouldn't be able to access two sides during installation?

The majority of the installation can be carried out from inside the shed, they will need some clearance if possible to felt the roof.

Can I get my joiner to assemble the shed?

We can certainly offer a delivery only option if you would prefer for your joiner to assemble the shed but this would not affect the price.

Can you please tell me the height of a standard door opening?

Our standard door height is 5ft10 but this can be increased if you add at least 1x Extra Height to the shed to make the door height 6ft2.

If I order online what time scale can I expect for delivery/installation.

Our lead times can change from the winter season to our summer season but this can also depend on the size of the shed and your location, please contact our office team to find out the current lead time for your area.

If I pay COD can this be on a card or do you want a cheque?

Payment on the day of delivery can be made using any credit or debit card over the phone. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques. Alternatively you can pay by bay cash if you are more comfortable doing so.

To the right of the new shed there will be the end of a stable block about 20 inches away. I presume that won't be a problem when putting the new one up?

The gap of 20 inches is fine and should not cause any issues.

I'm having a 6x5 Beast shed (with an access ramp) delivered and just wanted to check on the foot print size including the ramp so I can just plan the hard standing.

The shed is 6 x 5 including the roof overhang so a base foot-print of 6 x 5 will sit the shed comfortably with a slight amount of room to play with. As it is a Beast allowing a few extra mil over the 7 x 5 probably wouldnt hurt.

Do you have an 8x6 shed, ex demo, cheaper than £525 (with a door on the long side), that you could deliver?

Unfortunately all our sheds are manufactured to order, thus we rarely have ex-demonstrations or overflow stock. Any ones we do have, we add to our ''Sales'' page.

I am looking for a new garden shed & just found your website. Please could you advise what kind of delivery vehicle you use? Reason I ask is that we live on a narrow farm lane with limited turning space.

Our vehicles are all either flat-bed Ford Transits or Mercedes Sprinters.Hopefully the lane would be able to accommodate such vehicles. If not the shed panels can be carried on foot by our fitters if necessary.

Can you place the shed on a ground of grass?

We can install a shed onto grass but we really wouldn't recommend it as the grass can sink over time which can cause structural problems to the shed and potentially cause leaks. Sadly we wouldn't offer any guarantee on the shed if it was installed onto grass.

What is the depth of the shelves you provide?

The standard depth is 12 inches, but we can increase this if you request so (possibly for an additional charge).

Do you offer a shed fitting service at all? I have a large shed which needs putting up and the instructions suggest it is a 6 hour job.

Unfortunately we only fit sheds purchased from ourselves on the day that they are delivered.

The side gate to my property has a gate with a bar over it at a height of 6ft - is this going to be a problem with the shed I have ordered?

The panels can be tilted and carried through your gate diagonally, this is the measurement that we would need to ensure the panels would fit? If not can the gate top be removed?

Do you have a show room so I can see the quality and help make up my mind about strength to select (storage use only)?

The only location where you can view our sheds is in Birmingham where we make them. If you were to order with us, for your peace of mind you can opt to pay for the shed upon delivery - this way you can see the shed fully assembled and ensure its of the quality you were hoping for before paying. Furthermore everything is built to order, you can choose the style and position of doors/windows etc, thus even without seeing it it should be exactly to your spec.

My garden is already slabbed would there be a need for the shed to be raised further? If so would we need a shed base how much extra would that be?

Provided the slabs are flat and level there would be no need to raise the sheds floor any further. The floor is fitted with runners that will lift the sheds floor roughly 1 inch off the slabbed base anyway.

Does the shed get built by your company upon delivery and how much is this as an extra cost option?

I can confirm the shed would be fitted by our fitters on the day that the shed is delivered, this service is included in the price.

I am unsure of what sort of shed I would need, the shed is used for storing children's toys and a petrol lawn-mower. I'm considering a Pent B tanalised 6x4 shed. Is it of delux quality?

With regards to quality, we are confident that all of our sheds are of an excellent quality. Our Tanalised sheds are guaranteed against rot for 10 years and we recommend adding a waterproofing treatment after the first 12 months. If you were after a ''deluxe'' shed, in our range that would probably be our top spec ''beast'' shed, however if your shed is intended just for general storage of garden goods I think you would be fine with our standard Tanalised.

Please can you advise the advantages of having the raised shed height?

Increasing the sheds height can be beneficial but will depend entirely on what the customer is planning to use the shed for. For example if you have goods of a certain height that you know would not fit in one of our standard height sheds then you would add the additional height to suit. Or for example, if you are particularly tall and would like some extra head room again the extra height tool can be handy. If you are of average height, and are using the shed for general garden items the extra height may not be necessary.

Does a security shed have to have small/ limited windows?

Our security sheds are available with standard windows. If you would like a security shed but want the full size windows that's no problem at all.

Having looked at the 'Beast Sheds' website, it would appear that you have timber joists underneath your shed that would take the Jackpad system. Can you let me know how many I am likely to need for a 17X14 shed?

Sorry we are not familiar with the jack-pad method, it appears they may be more robust than what the shed actually needs. Any flat level base is fine., have you considered paving slabs/ less heavy duty methods?

I'm looking to buy a 12 x 6 shed but am also looking for a log store to match, do you also sell these?

Sadly we don't offer logstores.

Are you able to bring bearers on the day of delivery just in case and I just pay you the extra if you need to use them?

Yes we can arrange for bearers to be added to the order. There is no obligation to use them, however if the fitters think they are neccessary there will be the additional cost as per the website price.

Do you offer discount on multiple purchases at all please?

We can offer a discount for a multiple order, please contact our office team to discuss this.

Could you advise on if you think Bearers should be used for our concrete base?

If the concrete base is flat and level they are not required.

Does somebody need to be at the property or is it OK to just leave access?

As the shed is paid for it's not necessary for you to be at home provided the access is clear and left open, and that its clear where the shed is being assembled and its layout etc. If you would like to be there, we will call you prior to delivery with a rough time of arrival for our fitters.

Can you put the extra door on the lower roof side (side A) of the pent shed - so long as I add enough height? And how high would the side with the door have to be?

Additional doors can be placed virtually anywhere in your chosen design. As mentioned to put the door on the low side of the shed you would need to add at least 1x Extra Height to achieve this.

Where can I locate my partition?

You can specify exactly where you would like your partition to be situated - bear in mind the placement of windows and doors as the partition can not intercept these features.

What are the interior heights of your sheds?

Pent & Apex - 6'8'' at highest / 5'7'' at lowest (these are nominal measurements)

What are the exterior heights of your sheds from the ground?

Pent & Apex - 7'3'' at highest / 6'2" at lowest (these are nominal measurements)

Could you please let me know what type of lock and hinges you get on the Beast shed range?

Our Beast doors are hung using 18 inch heavy duty tee-hinges, 3 hinges are fixed to each door and you would receive a hasp & staple ready for a padlock of your choosing.

Seen a shed which seems ideal, but would like to know if you will take the old shed away and if so how much would it cost

We do not offer a removal service at this time.

We want to store our mobility scooters and I see from your website that your sheds come with a floor but what sort of base would be needed for it to be built on? Also would it need extra supports in the floor to support the scooters?

With regards to the floor, extra runners would not be needed. Even our standard floors are more than capable of coping with the weight of a mobility scooter.

Are there any guarantees over the shed or installation itself?

If you opt for the tanalised pressure-treated wood the shed will come equipped with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee. You will also receive six months warranty, should any issues occur and be a fault on our part we will do our utmost to resolve the issue as fast as is possible.

Do you offer any option of painting the shed at the production stage?

The shed can be painted after installation, but we can not apply paint during manufacture.

We have had a base created by our builders which would allow an inch or so of the shed all round to sit on slabs, then under the main part of the shed there would be a solid hardcore foundation with flat shingle base suitable for holding the bearers so plenty of room underneath for ventilation. Is this OK?

The base will need to be a completely flat and level surface on which the shed can sit. Such a base can be achieved using poured concrete or slabs. Bearers although helpful are unfortunately not miracle workers! Even a shingle base would need to be flat and level in order for the bearers to be beneficial.

I'm looking for a security corner shed, do you do them?

Unfortunately that is not a design that we offer.

Can you supply a shed without a floor?

We can supply sheds without floors. This does result in additional framework being used so that the shed can be securely attached to the concrete plinth (this may effect the overall cost). Please note it would be the customers responsibility to attach the shed to the base as our fitters are neither trained, nor do they have the means to do this.

Can you seal the shed to the concrete with a mastic?

I'm sure any heavy duty, weather proof mastic would be fine as a sealant.

Given that we would select an extra 8 inches of height, are you able to move the door (in the end wall) down to the lower height edge?

If extra height is added this should be a fairly simple tweak. If anything we would take it as far over to the lowest size as we possibly can before door height/stability may be compromised.

Could you confirm that the door open ''fully'' and lay flat against the shed wall when open?

We can confirm that our shed doors open fully back against the shed walls on most designs, however this can vary depending on the size of the panel and door size chosen, get in touch with our team to check!

Is the partition constructed to the same standard as the rest of the shed? Could you mount the optional shelves off it?

The partitions are made with exactly the same framework and cladding as the main body of the shed. It would be fine to hang a shelf from the partition.

I was thinking of going for the slabs: . What is better, 450x450mm or 600x600mm and do the slabs need to be cut to size or is an overhang ok?

Either of those slab of choices look fine (down to personal preference), as is a slight overhang of the base (there's no need to cut them to size).

Is it best to cement slabs to the ground?

It is as that will maintain the slabs position over the years.

I was wonder if you either sold, or knew where I could obtain, simply a pair of timber diamond finials?

Unfortunately we do not sell the diamonds. My advice would be to approach a local timber yard. Its literally just a case of cutting any piece of wood on the correct angle to achieve a diamond shape. If you have a length of wood you could probably do it yourself in a matter of minutes with a standard hand saw.

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